Thursday, 14 February 2013

Hey! I have a blog!

So yes.

Still no writing.

Trust me, I am sad too.

No need to cry.

Thing is, I am SO busy these days.

I have exams in two months, so I have to scramble to finish the coursework.

At the same time, I am moving (AGAIN).

And I am focusing on my book and my YouTube channel.

And doing some serious Graphic Design.

But even though my time is occupied to its full capacity, I still find the gaps to stare forlornly at my blog, wondering where it all went.

(The creativity that is. And time.)

So unfortunately, no writing for a few weeks.

I sincerely apologize, because I know some of you (out of the hundreds there are...) look everyday to see if I   posted something.

And I feel really bad for not having anything for you.

These days, my main focus is my book, my channel, and school (UGH).

Mainly my book.

All time I have for writing I utilize to the max, trying to squeeze in a thousand or so words....

Who know, maybe I will post a synopsis of some sort.


So yes.

I apologize again.