Sunday, 20 January 2013



....this is awkward.....

It has been a while.

That much is certain.

I missed this blog.

(WOW. Never thought I would say THAT.)

But most of all, I missed you guys.

You awesome people who make my day every time, with all your nice comments and kind words. people who have more than doubled (technically almost tripled) my blog views in the last 5 weeks.....

I am not even joking.

If you recall, the second (or third? or both?) posts I was extremely happy about the fact that my total was approaching 1000.

ITS OVER 2000.

I don't even....

It makes no sense, but neither does my mind!!!! :0

On to more rational topics, I honestly hope you all had an amazing holiday and Christmas (or whichever holiday you celebrate).

As you can see, I now have my new computer.


It is epic.

I am in heaven.

Sad part is, I still don't have Office, so no Word or Excel or anything.

Which basically means no writing....

I can't even open my old documents!

Sigh. First world problems...

But do not worry!!!!!!!!!!

A furious inspiration storm is brewing within!!!!!!

I shall unleash it soon; my keyboard will never be the same again!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah....

That was just an update on whats been happening with me. I have had my computer for a few weeks now (four) but I literally haven't had the chance to do much.

My holiday consisted of traveling (not far) and visiting relatives (not far enough).

But it was a holiday, and for that I shall be grateful....

I shall end this post with a small advertisement:

 I have opened my channel, and I am now posting Let's Play videos. For now I am just doing Minecraft, but I hope to put up some Skyrim and maybe Gothic videos soon. Fret not, my blogging life and my video game life shall always be separate. I am only mentioning this in case any of you people enjoy that fshnizzel. Same name here and there, if you are interested....