Thursday, 14 February 2013

Hey! I have a blog!

So yes.

Still no writing.

Trust me, I am sad too.

No need to cry.

Thing is, I am SO busy these days.

I have exams in two months, so I have to scramble to finish the coursework.

At the same time, I am moving (AGAIN).

And I am focusing on my book and my YouTube channel.

And doing some serious Graphic Design.

But even though my time is occupied to its full capacity, I still find the gaps to stare forlornly at my blog, wondering where it all went.

(The creativity that is. And time.)

So unfortunately, no writing for a few weeks.

I sincerely apologize, because I know some of you (out of the hundreds there are...) look everyday to see if I   posted something.

And I feel really bad for not having anything for you.

These days, my main focus is my book, my channel, and school (UGH).

Mainly my book.

All time I have for writing I utilize to the max, trying to squeeze in a thousand or so words....

Who know, maybe I will post a synopsis of some sort.


So yes.

I apologize again.

Sunday, 20 January 2013



....this is awkward.....

It has been a while.

That much is certain.

I missed this blog.

(WOW. Never thought I would say THAT.)

But most of all, I missed you guys.

You awesome people who make my day every time, with all your nice comments and kind words. people who have more than doubled (technically almost tripled) my blog views in the last 5 weeks.....

I am not even joking.

If you recall, the second (or third? or both?) posts I was extremely happy about the fact that my total was approaching 1000.

ITS OVER 2000.

I don't even....

It makes no sense, but neither does my mind!!!! :0

On to more rational topics, I honestly hope you all had an amazing holiday and Christmas (or whichever holiday you celebrate).

As you can see, I now have my new computer.


It is epic.

I am in heaven.

Sad part is, I still don't have Office, so no Word or Excel or anything.

Which basically means no writing....

I can't even open my old documents!

Sigh. First world problems...

But do not worry!!!!!!!!!!

A furious inspiration storm is brewing within!!!!!!

I shall unleash it soon; my keyboard will never be the same again!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah....

That was just an update on whats been happening with me. I have had my computer for a few weeks now (four) but I literally haven't had the chance to do much.

My holiday consisted of traveling (not far) and visiting relatives (not far enough).

But it was a holiday, and for that I shall be grateful....

I shall end this post with a small advertisement:

 I have opened my channel, and I am now posting Let's Play videos. For now I am just doing Minecraft, but I hope to put up some Skyrim and maybe Gothic videos soon. Fret not, my blogging life and my video game life shall always be separate. I am only mentioning this in case any of you people enjoy that fshnizzel. Same name here and there, if you are interested....


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas! YAYA!

Its Christmas. Didn't you notice?


It isn't Christmas NOW. But we are practically there.

So I realize I didn't post on Sunday (STOP JUDGING ME.).


(^I said it in a weird way. Now you HAVE to forgive me.)

There have been some family problems and basically I spent my weekend moving stuff around.

But now I have my own room!!!! WOOOOO!

Terribly sorry that I didn't post. I really am.

But maybe I shall earn your eternal gratitude by giving you guys this....

...and by posting one last Chapter before I take a break.

Yes, yes. I know. "A writer's job is never done." and "No rest for the writers."

(I am paraphrasing.)

But like I said: I am having family problems. Oh, and also going down to the ocean to visit my uncle. Small detail.

(I would totally mention its my birthday soon, but that would mean giving out information about myself. And you know what they say... <and if you don't, then look at my little box, all about me> )

(I totally have to change that box a bit...)


So yeah. Holiday, break, family...

I will be back and posting round about the first week of January. Don't quote me on that.

Here is your last little tid-bit of the year, following Ignis.

And damn. Must I say, this Chapter ends quite perfectly.

Chapter Eleven: Never Gonna Give You Up....

Rifle after rifle rose, muzzles and barrels of different sizes aimed at my body. The entire world seemed so bright, a warm light reflecting off of the enemies’ helmets. It was then that I realized it. I didn’t want to die.
I did not want to die.

The desire to live burned too hotly within me, consuming my mind and every fibre of my body.  Time seemed to come to a halt, every detail glimmering in the narrowed view of my eyes. The soldiers froze, movements becoming sluggish and increasingly slower.

Behind the horde of armed maniacs, there stood a tanker, guarded fiercely by two watches of patrolling soldiers. If that didn’t give it away, the medic symbol and danger sign definitely did. Bingo. My target.

I took in my surroundings again, noting as more gun-toting men poured in behind me at a slow pace. As I looked around again, the fires of self-preservation blazed. With a snap, reality bent back into shape, everything speeding up to normal time again.

And I was off.

Burning through the throng of soldiers, my toes dug deep into to the dirt through my shoes, straining to get as much traction as I could. Shoving surprised soldiers aside, or rather throwing them to the sides, I swiftly moved through the crowd.

Split seconds later, I burst out into the clear, orders already being called. Out of my peripherals, I saw the soldiers dropping in sync and raising their sinister weapons...


Calin’s head snapped up at the sound of gunshots. That was more than a few. At least 15 rounds in total.

Her spine crawling, she turned back to the task at hand, straining her back as she struggled with Shade over the debris. His limp body slung over her wide shoulders, she heaved, making sure to keep a sure footing.

The last thing they needed right now, was for her to also get injured.

She glanced backwards at the pharmacy in the way distance. The snipers and two squads outside had immediately followed Ignis. But that didn't calm her nerves. If they hadn't caught him already, they might anyway just decide to come after them.

Shade moaned and she redoubled her efforts on getting back to “base”.

Sheltered between a grove of trees and a ruined building, a hunk of melted car served as a sort of wind-break, adjacently placed against the wall. She lay Shade in the cool darkness of the building’s shadows.

Stroking his face tenderly, she made sure he wasn't lying on any stones or pieces of scrap metal. He moaned again, clutching his leg, his sleeping face looking troubled.

She sighed and looked up at the sun. They need that medicine. Shade’s leg could become infected at any moment. She untied and retied the bandage, tightening it to stop the slight blood flow. Then she allowed herself to look at his arms.

It was spreading. Fast.

Clutching at his very fibres of being, it slowly dragged its way across his skin, polluting every patch in its way to the top. At least, Calin mused, that is the way I look at it.

She sat there for who-know-how-long, musing over Shade’s condition. Eventually growing bored of solitary thought, she started staring at him, noting the rise and fall of his chest.

She gently pushed his head to the side, feeling the black strands of his hair with her fingers. When it touched the “shadow” parts, it became even darker, if possible. She thoughtfully rubbed a single hair between her forefinger and thumb. Feels like some sort of dry, statically charged paper. But... At the same time soft and moist.

She examined his feet, noting how the “corruption” also “shadow-fied” his clothes and shoes. Taking a step back, she marveled at how the dark parts of him were simply lost in the noon-day shadows.

“It’s getting stronger, isn’t it?” Shade’s dry voice croaked. Calin silently went and sat next to him. A simple nod sufficed.

He sighed and shifted to get into a more comfortable position on the ground. “I can feel it. Within me. Every night its potency increases.” He sniffled slightly. “I... I don’t know what will happen when it’s at full strength...”

She shushed him. “Hey. Don’t think of that.” She shifted his fringe out of his eyes, smoothing the glossy black hair back. “Remember what you told me the other night? When we were taking care of Ignis?”

He smiled slightly. “I said many things. You are going to have to be more specific.”

She laughed softly. “You were mute most of the time. You only started talking when I brought up a topic. Remember that topic?”

Now his smiled faded slightly, and red crept into his cheeks. “Uh.. You asked me why I kept staring at you.”
And now it was her turn to hide the red. But with the benefits of a strong tan, Shade didn’t even notice.

“Yes. That one. You said..?”

Shade sat up, cringing all the way. He turned and looked into her eyes. “I said that you was, and still is, the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on.”

Now, no amount of tan in the world could keep away the blush that roared across Calin’s cheeks.

Shade leaned in, eyes flickering from her eyes then down to her lips, then back up to her eyes. Calin swallowed slightly and came forward.

Their lips touched.

 And for a second, in that moment in time and space....  Everything in the world was fine.

An awkward cough rang out. Startled, Calin and Shade separated at such speed that both were thrown backwards into the dust.

Swearing, Calin rolled and came up with her rifle, sights set on the intruder.

Swaying slightly, an extremely awkward and surprised look carved into his face, Ignis stood. Leaning against the melted wreck, blood soaking through every part of his body, he rose one arm. Clutched in it was a large container.

“Delivery....” He muttered on his way down to the ground.

Hahahah, I love this Chapter. Made me feel all warm and cozy.

Anyway, I decided I will post one more Chapter next Sunday. It isn't the most exciting one, but it is essential to the story in my eyes. And, it feels like a good way to end the year.

So don't expect much. Maybe just the Chapter.

We shall see how things work out....

Comment and Criticize Please!!!!

(Doesn't seem right ^ That word....)

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Falling to Pieces....

Have ya heard that song? ^

Sia with David Guetta.

Damn. DAMN.

That song gives me shivers down my spine every time I listen to it.

It might not appeal to some of you, but wow. I seriously dig it.

Anyway, this pales in comparison to what happened to me yesterday.

I got the six (seventh?) comment on Mr. Landy's blog. I have NEVER been that close to the top.

The closest I had been before yesterday was 25th I believe.

So you can imagine my ecstasy and dancing around when I saw my opportunity.

Typing in a rapid, but hopefully profound message, I eagerly cackled with glee...

And waited....

(in between waiting, I subtly typed another comment right after the first one, expressing my surprise and luck; I may have even slipped in a tiny hint of a plead...)


A few comments later, I see this:
Derek Landy said...
Thank you Bethany and Colleen! You have wonderful taste!

Editorsarticle- KOTW is in e-book format but that's as much as I know!

Lord Vlaedr- I'd love to visit Africa. Hopefully I'll get there eventually.

NJ- couldn't agree with you more.

Jordan- er... hi...!



Oh the shouts of joy I uttered. The tears of happiness that pumped from my ducts...

I am not going to even exaggerate, this was literally a tick off my bucket list.

Now, this may happen to many of you other Minions, but remember: You guys have been on here way longer than me and are quite a bit more popular than humble ol' Vlaedr.

But it was still a very special moment for me. 


Time to focus on my writing. However bad it may be, that is why you are here, is it not?

Chapter... (checks...)


I have to write again soon. Lately I kind of hit a rough patch, my writing mentality deserting me....

Anywho, here is Chapter Ten.

Chapter Ten: Wild ones....

The haze started at the edges of her eyes, leaking out like some sort of mist. Trickling down, the thickness swelled and ebbed at random intervals, reaching down towards Calin’s feet. As more streamed out, the soldier’s eyes widened in surprise.

By the time the first one had turned to run, it was too late.

Way too late.

With burning eyes, Calin advanced, vapor tentacles reaching out with swift movements. Before they could even blink, the soldiers were twitching, suspended in the air. Moments later their twitching bodies hit the hard dirt, all life having left them.

The sole remaining member of the group stood in shock, his mouth and eyes comically stretched open. There was a silent moment, everyone taking in what had just happened.

With spastic jerk, the leader twisted around and dived off the edge of the building, plummeting headfirst two-stories down.

Or, he would have. His body spasming, Calin’s largest tentacle brought him back towards us, speared through his lower back and out the other side.

The last body joined the rest, dropping down in a tangle of bloody limbs. Shade and I shared a glance. No shock, no surprise. Just a look of joined admiration. And maybe traces of disgust.

Then again, I had no right to talk...

 We both looked at Calin, who had in turn slowly turned back to us. The deadly white haze retracted back into her head. Blinking, she tenderly rubbed the new scars that had formed on the sides. Slightly puckered and pink, they faded into a milky white within seconds. She continued blinking, softly wiping away tears as her eyes watered.

Slowly looking at us, her eyes tentatively met ours, moving back and forth between us. Shade was staring at her with a mixture of wonder and admiration. Maybe even a tad of drool. I couldn't see my own expression, but I was going for acceptance and awe.

With a fragile smile, she shrugged, waving her arms at the corpses behind her. “Now you know...”
I nodded solemnly. There was nothing more to be said.

Suddenly Shade stumbled forward, a second later a shot ringing out. Blood splattering the ground before him, he gasped and clutched his thigh.

Already shock was running its course through him. Calin and I moved fast, each clutching an arm and dragging him through the hole that led to the first floor.

Shaking and hyperventilating, Shade’s pupils were dilated. I immediately crouched at the exit hole, Calin moving to try and see where the shot came from. “Anything?” I called out.

Her hair shaking side from side, she motioned to be silent. A small part of me was still trying to figure out why we weren't freaking out. I won’t deny, I was also puzzled by that.

She moved to Shade, ripping off one of her tattered pant legs, she wrapped it tightly around the wound.

Whispering a few words, she looked him in the eye. After a few seconds he nodded.

What was that all about? Burning with questions, I pushed them away as she moved towards me.

“We need to get my rifle and the other equipment off of the roof. And we need to get out of here with Shade.” Speaking low, but quickly, she kept an eye on the exit. “Of all the times, we need those medical supplies the most right now.”

I silently agreed. But I dreaded what needed to be done. There was only one way out of this building. And if, as I suspected, there were a few more squads waiting outside.... Well, then....

Again her sharp eyes seemed to read my mind. She slowly shook her head, even though I could see in her eyes that my idea was our only way out.

“You can’t.” Two words were enough.

I glanced at Shade, his teeth grit and eyes screwed shut. But you see, Calin, I can. I have to.

I voiced only the last sentence. Her eyes hardened into that familiar look. “How are you going to do this?”

I peeked out over the roof, noting three soldiers with what was most likely sniper rifles. Sliding back as projectiles ricochet around me, I look at Calin again.

“This building is marked, possibly more soldiers than we can handle. I am going to run out, make my way towards the camp. My plan is to find the medical cache and weapons stash. If I confuse and disorientate them at the same time, all the better.”

Her eyes said it all. “That is suicide, and you know it.”

I laughed at the irony. “Calin, my life the last couple of days have been suicide. In all that I have lived through, death was imminent. I shouldn't be alive. But I am. Shade, and probably you too, is going to die if I don’t try something.”

With a black humour written all over my face, I gave Shade a pat and winked at Calin. Sprinting as if flames were licking my heels, I blurred out of the exit hole.

Almost immediately bullets started appearing out of nowhere, shooting small puffs of dust into the air as they hit the ground. Masked and unmasked faces revealed themselves from inside and in the shade of buildings, details becoming unclear as I picked up the speed.

Ducking in between ruins and jumping through holes in the walls, I kept a lot of cover between the fire aimed at me. Time seemed to speed up, as I suddenly found myself at the edge of the camp, a small fence of sandbags and barbed wire surrounding the outpost.

With a bound, I cleared a low wall and found myself neck-deep in enemy territory, the cold faces of soldiers of many different races and colours surrounding me.

Sorry guys, I haven't really had time to go through this one. So please pardon any spelling mistakes and/or grammar issues.

Hope ya enjoy!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Pirate Face Epidemic...

I have, what I have officially named, the Pirate Face Epidemic.

What is this crazy thing I speak of?

What the hell is Lord Vlaedr doing, talking about this in his blog?

Let me explain. *clears throat*













Did you get that? I think it is a rather genius way of explaining things.

Just give a few key words, and the mind will do the rest.

So anyway, Pirate Face Epidemic?

Basically, I look like a scurvy dog with scabs and scratches all over my face.

First, I got elbowed in the face. Massive mouth bleedage.

Secondly, a rock shot up from under the lawnmower, cutting my face. Chin bleedage.

And then lastly, every night at BJJ, I got my Gi scrubbed against my face.


And over.

And over...

So now I look like I lost a war with a rogue blender.

Did I mention I am participating in Movember?

If you don't know what that is and you are male...


That is all I will say.

So yes. That is Pirate Face Epidemic. I have rogue hair and weird scabs on my face. Woo.

And now, time to apologize to my viewers.


I try to make it my policy to post every Sunday. I try.

But last Sunday, things were chaotic, family issues and stuff...

So today you get TWO Chapters! I repeat, TWO Chapters!

Bask in the glory:

Chapter Eight: Dignity...

Morning rose once again. Laying there on my private piece of dirt which I now considered my own, I thought about our newest “pal”. Armed. Dangerous. Tough.

And seemed to have Shade in some sort of trance. I clenched my fists. Now of all times to fall for infatuation...

The more I thought about it, the madder I got at Shade. When I had first met him, I instantly trusted him. I don’t even know why. Strange how an apocalypse can change your prespective. One moment you are struggling to survive, next you are naively trusting a complete stranger.

And now, he is head over heels for another complete stranger. One who I certainly did not turst. I turned on my side, gazing at the two of them. She was a couple of feet to my right, lying against the wall. Shade was within two feet of her, sleeping facing her, the stalker he was.

I sneered and turned the opposite way. Just looking at her irritated me. I frowned. These feelings of dislike were so strong. I didn’t even know why I had them. The more I seemed to try and grasp the source of the negativity, the more it seemed to dissipate.

“Childish...” I muttered, sitting up. It didn’t seem as if I was going to get any more rest. I stopped mid-motion, a nasty feeling growing in my abdomen. Alarmed, I clutched my stomach. What the hell is happening now?

After a few seconds the feeling disappeared again. Still clutching my stomach, I rolled to my feet. I quickly took in the surroundings. The rays of sunshine seemed to be sharp today. I blinked, a slight pain starting behind my eyes.

Suddenly, I grunted and doubled over. Holding my head, a piercing pain crackled through my mind. Bright flashes and constellations flickered across my mental landscape, as I swayed from side to side. Buzzing started in the back of my head, shivering up my spine.

I groaned long and hard. The world swayed back and forth... With one last wild pitch, I crashed into the dust. It felt like something was trying to eat its way out of me. Everything in my vision was still moving rapidly back and forth. I curled up, realizing I was shivering. Something felt horribly wrong within me.

The world faded into a hazy limbo. Shapes and movements were exaggerated in my eyes. Darkness crept into the sides of my eyeballs. Sharp pains flashed in my abdomen, my head feeling hot and sweaty.
Struggling hard not to, my eyes slowly closed...

When they opened again, two strange figures were kneeling in front of me, their silhouettes visible against the dark canvas of night behind them. Excited chatter slammed into my ears, the vibrations grating at my tender head. I moaned and curled up tighter. Something was seriously wrong. The pains were escalating, my body shaking now.

This time when my eyes closed, I didn’t even bother keeping them open...
The next time I awakened, things were a bit more normal. I was still shaking, and my head still felt like jello, but at least the crackling in my stomach was fading.

 It was dark again, a roaring fire a mere foot away from my body. My body drew in the heat, a soothing warmth building in my chest. Calin sat next to me, staring into the bonfire. I understood her fascination.
With a small groan I uncurled myself, wincing as my cramped stomach muscles unclenched. Calin noticed my movement and immediately sat closer, concern strangely etched into her face.

“Stop moving. Take it easy.” She talked slowly and soothingly, gently pushing me back down into a lying position.

Shade materialised out of the shadows on the wall and walked towards us. Since the last time I had seen him, the tendrils of oblivion seemed to have gotten an even greater grip on him. The back of his head was now completely ethereal, as well as from his fingers to halfway up his forearms.

He stopped next to me, kneeling next to me. Worry was written with hard lines into his face.
I laughed a gravelly laugh. “You seem to kneel a lot around me these days.” Strangely enough, they also found that funny. With everyone laughing, the ice was broken between Shade and I. He smiled at me.

“You almost died, you idiot. Almost a week without food, running around, melting monsters... It’s no wonder your entire metabolism collapsed in on itself.” Shade and Calin shared a quick glance. I immediately pushed away the rancid feelings that arose in me. They had saved my life. For all I cared, they could marry.

I slowly sat up, pushing away their hands as they tried to lay me down again. The spastic shivering was stopping now, the warmth in my chest enveloping my entire system. I smiled and breathed deeply.

“I feel amazing. Thank you, Calin and Shade. You guys saved me.” I looked them both in the eye. “How long was I out?”

Shade smiled and clapped me on the back. “You are welcome, Ig. This is the third night you have been asleep. After we found you like that in the morning, it took us a while to figure out what was wrong. Your body was eating itself. It took us hours to find food, and we then force-fed you slowly for two days.” He laughed again. “Not the most fun thing I ever have done.”

Calin grinned. “Don’t worry, we also ate. We decided would rather get food poisoning than go into a coma. You have no idea how hard it was to find edible rations. Luckily, we hit the jackpot and brought it all here.” She indicated to a pile of cracked crates and other containers, filled with foodstuffs.

Shade frowned. “But it’s strange. With the amount of energy you expelled in the last few days, it is a miracle you didn’t collapse earlier. I guess you have the ability to just draw energy from the air around you.” He finished the sentence with a teasing tone, a mischievous look in his eyes.

I looked at him, dead serious. “I think you are absolutely right...”

Chapter Nine: Blind...

“Damn. I’m getting a feeling of Déjà-vu.” Shade whispered to us. Calin was behind us, her weapon sweeping back and forth towards the rear end of the crumbled pharmacy. I was on the right of Shade, scanning the only other side we could be attacked from.

“Well, describe the situation.” Calin whispered in an irritated manner. “How the hell am I supposed to know what you are talking about?”

At least from my angle I could still see most of what was happening in the streets far below. The soldiers were still doing drills, every now and then a group returning and another heading out. But there were slight differences.

In the middle of the “little” camp, a score of tents had erected. In the centre of those, a tall tower-like building had been placed, hundreds of dishes and antennas popping out of the top. In a broad rectangular shape around the camp, random guard towers had been raised; some on top of prominent buildings, others guarding important main-roads.

“They have been busy since the last time we were here...” Shade muttered, surprised.

“Yeah. And look. Their numbers are seriously low.” I pointed towards the troops. Even from this distance you could see bloody bandages and tattered armour on the soldiers. Some of them were missing helmets, and one could easily see how gaunt and dead-eyed they were. “Looks like they have been taking casualties.”

There was an impatient snort and a scuffle of feet behind me. “Oh for the sake of...” Next to me, Shade was pulled backwards and handed the gun. Calin slid into his place and examined the camp.

“Uh...” Shade’s puzzled voice came from behind.

“Just point the hole towards the back of the roof and pay attention. You will do fine.” Calin whispered loudly.

I laughed silently, and continued looking at the camp.

“Why did you want to see this place again?” I whispered in Calin’s direction.

Without taking her eyes off of the soldiers, she replied. “We need weapons and medical supplies. From what you guys tell me, those Creepers, as you call them, are extremely dangerous. And we won’t always be able to rely on your abilities...”

I nodded and frowned. It made sense. Then something occurred to me. A tingly feeling rose in me. I casually continued asking questions. “But what about your gun? Isn’t that enough to stop most things?”

“Yes.” She flicked a glance backwards at Shade to see what he was doing. “We should be fine if something attacked us. Even those monstrosities.”

Nonchalantly I continued. “By the way, how did you get it? Surely you didn’t just pick it up by chance?”

She frowned, glanced at me suspiciously, and went back to watching the camp. “My mom is an officer.  Was an officer. I happened to know where their armoury was. But it did take me a day or two to find my way to the police-station...” She trailed off, staring into the distance as if overwhelmed by a memory.

The tingle came back. I was practically sparking with excitement. “What exactly did you do that first day?”

This time she turned to me and looked me in my eyes. Her grey-streaked eyes met my orange-flecked ones.
“What are you getting at, Ignis.” She spoke slowly and calmly.

I felt Shade moving closer and saw him glance at us nervously out of my peripherals. “I’m saying, I know for a fact that the first night had its fair share of monsters. And that after that evening, none of us were the same again.”

I lightly touched the strange marks that spread outwards from the corners of her eyes. It was the first time I noticed them; they were so small you didn’t see them until you were looking directly at them. Shade seemed to stiffen with jealously beside me.

Calin glared at me. “I was wai...” She cut off her sentence and looked behind us. There were four simultaneous clicks. Swallowing hard, I turned slowly. Four soldiers stood in various positions of readiness, guns cocked and aimed at us. Shade sat there, gun pointed down, a guilty look on his face.

“Oops?” He tried, cringing.

“Get on your stomachs! Hands behind your head!” The lead soldier shouted, indicating for the soldiers to move forward.

My fists clenched, I looked at the soldiers. Gritting my teeth, I stood up. I felt a hand on my shoulder. Calin shook her head and stepped in front of me.

“You will make too much of a show. We don’t want the whole army here in the next ten minutes.” She gave a wry grin. “Looks like you get to see it much sooner than I was planning. You get your wish after all.”

She turned to the soldiers, raising her arms to chest level, palms up.

“On the floor, NOW!!!” One soldier reached for Calin.

“Careful now...” Her eyes turned into burning white orbs, glistering brightly in the mid-day sun . “Wouldn’t want you to get hurt now...”

Once again, so sorry dear viewers.

It shall not happen again.

(Ps. The votes are in. 3 votes for small font, 0 for big.... I guess its unanimous...)

Sunday, 11 November 2012


Can you read that?

Its inspiration *FYI*

Why that twisted rendition of a word for a title?


Hmm... I might be losing track of where I was going with this post...


Right! I remember now.

My good friend and inshpiring (you know what!) blogger has a blog. Obviously. Else she wouldn't be on Blogger.

Her posts are quite amusing, and she posts quite frequently (more than can be said for certain bloggers with fur...).

Also, she inshpires me. She is busy with her own novel (AND I AM SERIOUSLY LOOKING FORWARD TO ITS RELEASE), called Soulless, following a Soul-Wraith named Rook.

Its bloody genius. Everytime I read a tidbit of it that she posted, I get inshpired to write pages and pages.

Her name is Raechel Hudson. Here is her blog's url:

See Raechel! I told you I would advertise your blog! (Actually, come to think of it, I may not have... Oh well. At least it will be a pleasant surprise!)

Rapidly moving on to other things, I must say, you people surprise me.

Guess what the view count is? Go on, guess. GUESS.



WOW. I mean. WOW.

68 views in roughly a week? Your kindness is touching... Thank you ^.^

(Revel in the little face. For it is the only time you will ever see a face in one of my posts...)

And now for the moment you have all been waiting for.

I give you... (checking blog posts... *FYI*) Chapter Seven!

Hahaha, I have to write faster. You guys are catching up....

Now, a minor note before I give it to you. First the font was too small. Now its too big. DAMNIT WHAT DO I DO.

So, I give you a chance. Vote 1 for normal font. Vote 2 for big font.

(I am so sorry I can't find a smaller one than that. For some reason, Blogger wants me to choose between Ridiculous-Large and Freakin-Smallish-Normal)


Here is the Chapter:

Chapter Seven: When We Stand Together...

It took determination. And a lot of bloody patience.

We sat there, calmly. Or at least we were trying to sit calmly. I didn’t even have to touch Shade to feel him shaking with fear and adrenaline. And I wasn’t sitting that still either.

It took the figure about two minutes to reach us. I guess it had been farther than we had thought. 

By the time it was within twenty metres, every muscle in our bodies was tense, clenching so hard that our spasms were having spasms.

We were hearing its footsteps now, as it slowed down, seeming to acknowledge our presence. A few moments later  it stopped all together.

The dread was filling me again, my eyesight becoming shaky. My heart was galloping, my hands getting that hot sensation...

Shade inconspicuously moved his hand towards me, splaying all his fingers.

Then four.




Halfway in our stand-up/turn around move, a female voice rang out.

“Freeze! Move again and both of you die!” Both of us stopped awkwardly in mid-movement. Her voice was backed with iron.

There was silence again, as she seemed to wait for our next move. When none was forth-coming, she spoke again.

“Now slowly stand up. Don’t turn around, don’t talk.”

Like smart little lemmings, we stood up, glancing at each other every few seconds. It seemed that both of us were waiting for the other to do something.

There was the sound of slow, deliberate footsteps. I twitched as I felt her breathe on my neck. Damn my super-senses. Its creepy being able to sense this much.

After a few moments of silent inspection, she slowly retreated.

“Ok, you guys seem fine.” She was speaking more kindly now, with a quieter tone. “You can turn around now. Just don’t make any quick moves. Can’t hurt to be safe.”

After a moment’s hesitation and a shared look, Shade and I turned around. Standing in a half crouch, a large, dangerous gun in her hands, was a young woman that looked older than both of us. With short, matted hair and dressed in camo pants with a tank top, you would understand why she struck both fear and something else into our hearts that day.

With us still staring at her, she smiled and stood straight, pointing the weapon down.

“Another survivor...” I muttered.

It hit us all at that moment: now there were three of us, which meant there were probably more.

Shade stepped forward and pointed towards me. “This is Ignis. I’m Shade.”

She smirked slightly. “I am Calin.” Her voice had a slight accent, which matched her tanned complexion. 

“You guys like crazy names, or what?”

Shade laughed awkwardly and looked away. I am dead sure he was blushing.

“First things first...” I said, trying to direct the conversation back to a more practical topic. “Do you have a camp set up? Or any form of a protective location?”

She looked at me, her eyes hardening again as reality set in. “No. After that night, I just grabbed what I could and kept moving.”

That night. We all referred to it as that night. Not “that night where all hell broke” loose or “that night when our lives became a nightmare”. Just that night.

I sighed. Two was good for surviving. But three would be a crowd.

Calin seemed to read my sigh, and scowled. “I wasn’t asking to join up with your little group, you know.”

Shade snapped out of his zone and protested. “Ig, we can’t survive alone. With another person, we have a decent chance of protecting ourselves instead of just running away.”

I turned to him, anger sparking in my mind. “I remember you running away most of the time.” I gave a pointed look.

His face hardened. “That may be true, but you know that if we want to live longer, we need every ally we can get.” He turned to her. “Please join up with us. You may have survived this long on your own, but soon you will meet enemies that no man can defeat by themselves.”

She was still scowling, but seemed to think about it. “What you say makes sense. But your friend is right. 
Three will attract a lot more attention than one or two.”

Now it was my turn to scowl and look away. Shade was right. I was just being a moron. “No. Shade is right. If you join with us we will just have to be extra careful.”

Swallowing my words was harder than I had thought.

Calin looked at me, seemingly surprised that I had changed my mind. I avoided her eyes.

She thought a bit more, before replying. “I will stick with you boys a bit longer. But don’t be surprised if you just find my tracks the next day.”

I nodded. “Fair enough.”

And without a backward glance, I walked away, looking for shelter. This whole situation gave me sour taste in my mouth. Once again, I have to get used to another person.

One more person to protect.

One more person to trust.

YAY! Someone new! (No Nix, I have been planning this for a while, even before you mentioned that in one of your comments.)

Now, I know they started trusting her a bit too fast. But come on. They had just watched a massacre. Fought off demonic creatures. ROARED IN THE FACE OF DANGER.

They are obviously still a tad fragile. So give 'em (and me) a break. (be gentle..)

So I hope you enjoyed! Comment!

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Now. To the good stuff!!!! The last Chapter was very well received  so I hope this one won't be a disappointment. After all, you can't have fighting in EVERY bloody scene...


Chapter Six: Shadow Of The Day...

I sat up, rubbing my head furiously. It felt as if my head was cracking open. I just sat there, hunched over, holding my head for a few minutes. This is what I imagine a hangover must feel. But my head was clear. And sharp. It felt as if finally had all my wits back.

Albeit with a massive migraine.

Sitting there, battling pain, I felt a small vibration in the ground. As if something or someone was walking nearby. Which was definitely a first. My senses have never been that razor sharp.

Then I felt it again, followed by a cough.

I spun around, eyes wide and searching.

Nothing.I frowned.

Then a voice spoke. “Ignis...”

My heart beat quickened, sweat breaking out along my spine. I had seen many creepy and downright scary stuff. But this was different. Weird. Unnatural.

“Ignis...” Again the voice spoke. I stood up slowly. That voice sounded familiar.

“Ignis, here...” I saw a patch of ground that was strangely darker than the rest. I squinted, stepping closer.

Then I saw him.

It was as if my eyes opened for the first time.

I stepped back in shock, Shade seeming to materialise out of the ruin’s shadows. He had a desperate look on his face, fear etched into every line and smudge of dirt on his face. He had a gaunt look, as if haunted by terrible demons, his eyes unnaturally still.

But that wasn’t the half of it.

His legs seemed black, darker than the rest of him. On closer inspection, you could see everything behind his legs, from the dust to the smallest rocks. It was as if his legs were made out of a smoky, slightly transparent material, but still very much physical. As if his body was Shadow itself.

It also appeared in his hair, and again on his finger tips, their dark tips seeming to disappear naturally into the dim recesses of the building’s exterior. Every where the “shadow” met skin, dark swirls and cracks were visible, the darkness clearly spreading.

I just stood there staring at him, still trying to figure out exactly what I was seeing.

He just sighed and walked into the morning’s light, his dark parts growing more transparent. But they didn’t go away. They were still shadows; a void, a place where no light reached or passed through. He sat down hard, all will to live seeming to have left him.

I have never been good in emotional boosting. It was not my strong point. But this was ever so slightly different. The chances of one person surviving alone? Not big. The chances of two people surviving together? Much better. It had to do something.

I sat next to him. We didn’t look at each other, both of us obviously not knowing what to say.  With a cough, he started talking.

“I saw you, you know. That first night. How you crawled up to the car, the soldier on his patrol marching past you.”

I looked up at him, stunned. He was right. That thing had been a soldier. My stomach dropped as I realized something else. Shade nodded, obviously having sensed my conclusion. Maybe his senses had also sharpened.

“You did it. Incinerated him. Ashified him.” He laughed with dark humour. “ When saw what you were capable of... I just knew I had to stick with you, no matter how messed you were.”

He shook his head in disgust. “I had figured that it might also happen to me. That this weird sh*t could also affect me. But I didn’t expect this...”

I cleared my throat, his words still spinning in my mind. You did it.. YOU did it...”Look. You can’t give up. You can’t just sit here, crushed beyond repair. We can still maybe escape this. Every prison has an escape route. We just need to find this one’s.”

I swallowed, hoping my words might make an impact, or at least snap him out of whatever he was going through.

He looked at me forlornly. “Last night. When you looked at me like that? I knew why. That’s when it started. One moment I could see my feet, the next the tips of my shoe were gone, darkness slowly crawling up my legs. The funny thing is, everything works fine. But all sensations are... muted.”

 He looked back down again, staring at the ethereal shadows slowly spreading across his lower body. “Except the cold...”

Now it was my turn to laugh bitterly. “At least you had some sort of mental preparation. I think this... whatever, started with me the night all this happened.”
I waved my hands around, indicating to the ruin around us. Images trickled into my mind; dark woods, the fiery glow around me, the creatures...

He didn’t look up this time. “If you say so....”

I looked around us, remembering that we weren’t alone in this area. Some ways off, I saw a humanoid shape moving our way. Fast.

I didn’t say anything. I just lightly tapped Shade, glancing in the object’s direction.

I felt him turn slightly in that direction and stiffen. And then I felt what I was hoping for: the clench of a fist. I clenched my own. This time we weren’t going to be caught by surprise again.

And we weren’t going down easily.

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I must say. I am worried how the next Chapter will be received by you guys...

Ah well, we will have to wait and see.