Sunday, 29 April 2012

Popularity itself.....

Look at that. LOOK AT THAT!

I have THREE followers. THREE!

And guess what?
I'm getting pageviews!!!!!

The majority come from Australia and England, but that doesn't matter. I am officially "popular".

Thats right. I said it.



Enough lolly-gagging. Time for Chapter Two....

TWO! (Okay i'm done.)

Chapter Two: The Start of Something New...

Waking up in a cell. Something new. Something old. Same feeling as being trapped. Same futileness. Same protection.

He was in a white room, covered in metallic plates, with one large window in the wall. Probably a foot thick, Vlaedr thought. Or else they wouldn’t have put me in here.

Vlaedr quickly searched the room for weaknesses, holes, other windows, but found nothing. Sure he could bash on the walls and windows until they broke, but then where would he be? Surrounded by angry people shouting “Vampire!”. Plus, he was starting to think that maybe these people weren’t enemies. They had captured him, sure. But he still had his weapons and wasn’t shackled down.

So, for now, Vlaedr would wait.

And he didn’t wait long.

Half an hour later, three vertical plates slide to the side and four men walked in. The first one was a proper looking chap. Nice suit. Friendly face. And he was carrying a tray, piled with food.

If he had come without the tray, Vlaedr would have eaten him. After all, he did look so soft and meaty... NO. Vlaedr shook his head. Keep the humanity, he thought determined, Keep the Beast away!

The other three men behind Friendly-Chap, were all covered in long robe, things. They had grey visors that covered their faces. Oh, and they had long Scythes. Vlaedr immediately crouched, his hair rising, and growled in a sub-tone.

The Friendly-Chap quickly backed up, and looked at where Vlaedr was looking.

“Weapons down, gentlemen. He isn’t going to cause us any harm.” The man said smiling. The Three-Scythers swiftly returned their Scythes to their backs.

“Now, won’t you eat a bit?” The man said, still smiling. “You have been asleep for 2 days, without a bite to eat. Those pipe-thingies just don’t fill you up like real food does! I would know!”

He laughed, patting his stomach.

In short order Vlaedr ate the food set before him. A lot of bacon, eggs, and toast. And tea. Blessed tea.

Seeing as Vlaedr had finished, the man sat down on the floor across from him and started talking.

“You were picked up two days ago on the street, on assumption that you were a Vampire.”

Vlaedr sneered at this.

The man continued. “After numerous test done by the Healers District in London, we have come to the conclusion that you are not a Vampire.”

Another sneer.

“This is where the British Sanctuary came into contact. We were told of a male Caucasian that had Bestial features, contained high traces of magic on himself and was not a Vampire.” He looked at Vlaedr before he could sneer. Then he continued.

“I am the Administrator at the London Sanctuary and I have come to ask you a few questions. Or to be honest, just one. What is your story?”

Vlaedr stared at him for a few seconds and then slowly began speaking.

“First off, I am not a Vampire. I am a Wolf. Well also a Bear. But this is a long story. Are you sure you want to hear it?"
The Administrator just nodded. Vlaedr leaned back, and recalled his strange life so far.
"You see when I was an infant; a certain beloved doctor started changing my molecular structure by adding the Genes of a Bear and the DNA of a Wolf...”

The Administrator listened and said nothing.

“So by the time I was ten-ish, I can’t really remember this part but the doctor explained it to me; on my tenth birthday I was completely wolf/bear. My features were wolf and my body the shape of a wolf. My paws and size was more bear-like. He used the ingredient X: Magic, to smooth the process over, making sure my two Beast natures didn’t rip me apart. But I was too tame.... So the doctor put me in an environment...”

Vlaedr explained how he had been put in an area with many wolf packs and was left alone, but still monitored by the doctor. By the doctor’s records, it took Vlaedr a year to join a wolf pack, two years to become an alpha, and four years to take over all the wolf packs, turning them into a scarily efficient army.

The Administrator just nodded and motioned Vlaedr to continue.

“Well by then I was about 17. But I was totally uncivilised. Sure, I could think and reason, just like a normal human. But I didn’t know anything but my Beast side. So, the doctor crafted me this ring...”

Vlaedr pointed to the ring, explaining how it was imbued with magic while it was being forged, weaving the essence of the spell into the fibres of the metal. How it was shaped like a wolf, crafted with symbols to turn Vlaedr into a humanoid form.

“There. I just quoted to you my whole life, in the Doctor’s words. But, you see,” Vlaedr said leaning forward. “This ring makes me look how I look now. But I am still just a Wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

The Administrator nodded again as if he understood perfectly.

“Well, after finding the ring works, my doctor took some time to educate me in this world’s affairs, teaching me my letters and numbers and how to operate weapons. After all, you can’t scratch everything... Then, one day the doctor said “You are now truly my Frankenstein.”, and the next day I woke up on the street. Not much of an ending, huh?”

The Administrator stood up and smiled.

“Your story has... many gaps. But that will do for now. Now that I have assessed you are perfectly sane, I would like to take you to meet my Employers. They are old, and grand, and I am sure they would love to hear your story... So what do you say, hmm?”

Vlaedr glared at the man.

“I have one question. Will there be food?”
So there it is. Chapter Two.

I hope you like it. Or not.

Thursday, 26 April 2012


Curse South Africa's Internet Problems!!!!!!!

Curse you!!!!!

The One DAY I have nothing to do and you DIE!!!!!!!

Curse you!!!!!


I needed to get that out of my system. It was literally fixed 5 minutes ago.

But it doesnt matter. I am still amazingly annoyed.

Well at least I had some time to catch up on writing.

I have completed a quite a few chapters of Lord Vlaedr's adventures.

All short and sweet, just the way I like it.

Granted, I have a long while to go before I shake off the rustiness in my writing, but I am getting there...

So slowly....

Well, here is Chapter One.... Enjoy.....

Chapter One: Ah, Home....

Vlaedr’s apartment. In a word?  Empty. Barren.

It contains one small, metal bead. One sink. One microwave. One small locker, that serves as the cupboard.

It is Five Meters by Ten Meters. It is a storage closet.

But its home.

Vlaedr unlocks the door and closes it behind him. He hangs his coat on a nail in the wall. He turns on the little heater, and goes and stands by the small, dirty window, overlooking a wonderful view of an alley in Britain. He growls softly.

He doesn’t quite know why he chose to live in Britain. Maybe it’s because of the wonderful weather. Maybe it was the allure of their accents. But one thing he knows is that they have wonderful tea and those types of herbs always seems to always calm his inner... Well.....

Loneliness may also have been a factor. He may have travelled the world, but still none friends had shown themselves. The world is a cold and hard place for an outsider.

He fought against the urge to eat the homeless person in the alley. He won.

Sure he had met people who could do spectacular things, things that seemed to cross into what his beloved Doctor had called “magic”, but when he had approached them they usually shouted something like “Vampire!” or “Kill it!”.

This Vlaedr did not understand. He had watched all of the Twilight movies and he definitely did not sparkle in the sun or have a mane of amazing hair. Well he had hair, but it was matted and uncombed. He thought of it as fur. Something you don’t comb or make neat.

Vlaedr liked this spot. It was his small cave. He loved having his back against the wall, ready to pounce if someone challenged his safety. Speaking of safety...

Turning to the pile of packages he had brought with him from the shoppes, he ruffled through them, unpacking them on the floor. He had figured that some things you just can’t scratch to death, so you had to have a weapon or two. Or three.

The first weapon he had “picked up” was a Beretta M9. It shone with a nice black sheen, and he had “acquired” four clips for it. All in all, it seemed like a nice handgun.

Next to it sat a dark Ka-Bar USMC. With it came a nice sheath, which fits snugly on Vlaedr’s thigh. The blade was sharp, something Vlaedr had made sure of.

And finally, for when things get “hairy” there stood three standard issue frag-grenades at the end of the line.

Now Vlaedr wasn’t one for stealing, but was it stealing if it was already stolen?

He didn’t think so. Black Market dealers were nice and cheap, included that you know where to find them. Vlaedr had a few contacts, and knew their language, and how they talked. Or squealed.

One of those contacts was a random man with an AK47, which he had used to on Vlaedr. Also shouting something like, “Die filthy vampire, die!”. Vlaedr didn’t know much, but he knew that this vampire thing was starting to annoy him. So he had dangled the man over the edge of a building until he had told or screeched the name of the person and place where he had gotten his weapons.

And then he ate the man.

But that was just details.

Walking down the street with his new toys, Vlaedr felt quite safe. Well, reasonably safe.

He had quickly learned that just walking down a street didn’t cut it.

You had to watch for threats, keep a razor eye on other people, and scan the roof tops for creatures. This world he was beginning to understand was rather dangerous.

So he walked. And watched.

That was until, a van hit him from behind, throwing him into the wall.

Roaring, he ripped a stop sign out of the ground and slammed it into the front wind screen. It didn’t even crack.

A small, Thibt! , and Vlaedr was down.

Four men quickly grabbed his unconscious body and dragged it into the van. The last thing Vlaedr heard was the Clang! of the doors being closed and one of them saying in a deep voice: “Another one of them Vampires! Ha! The boss will be glad.”

Lord Vlaedr, was starting to hate these Vampires.

Love it, hate it.... I dont care really. Just comment.

AND! I have been told to mention other people I am supposed to follow. As in their blogs. Not literally them. Whatever.

I will follow These People's Blogs: Luciana, Ink, Flame, Sparky, Lynxia, Robin, Val, and Rim...

There Ink, did I miss anyone? DID I??????

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Damn, Time to Start Writing Again....

Well everyone and no-one reading this blog, I have decided to start writing again. It has been far too long and I need the practice.

Well since I am a devout fan and personal follower of Derek "Master" Landy, I will fan-fic him..... (personally I hate jacking ideas, my belief is "Original or Die", but thats just me)

Seeing as I am a newbie, I will read and stalk alot of other Derek "Master" Landy's Fan-Fic followers...
or whatever they call themselves (Ninja Leprechauns? Minions is just too normal....).

I will read and follow Nixion Strange, Zatchraskjdflaj Mist (how do you spell that?), and Eve.... ect. And others who I am too lazy to name.....

There, I have a plan. Now I need blueprints! Bring me the chalk, Igor!!!!!!!!!

While I do that, read the Intro for Lord Vlaedr's Story......

Intro: Umble Beginnings...

Deer. What a fascinating word. Used to describe herbivore mammals that stand slightly shorter than a horse yet have an equal or greater speed.

Add an “a” in place of the second “e” and it is a term of en”dear”ment....

And yet like most of its other Mammal brothers, it is a food source for man.

...and beast.

But that has absolutely nothing to do with me, Vlaedr thought looking at the little sign in front of the deer’s exhibit. Its not like I have a bestial urge to jump over the high voltage fence and rip out its throat, he thinks dryly. No sir, not me.

“Hello sir.” A zoo official materialized at Vlaedr’s side. “May I help you with anything? Any problems of any sort?”

“Um, no. I don’t think so.” He says frowning.

“Why do you ask?”

“Well... you have been standing here for the last ten minutes, glaring at the deer and... “growling’. You are scaring the rest of the viewers and I’m going to have to ask you to stop.”

Only now did Vlaedr notice the other people looking at him, obviously creeped out and keeping their distance from him.

“Sorry about that,” He said rolling his eyes “My sinus’s are congested and I have been trying to clear them” He smiled innocently.

“Well please try and do that in the bathroom, sir.” The man replies, obviously wondering why it took ten minutes.

Vlaedr just nods and walks away.

After wandering the zoo for hours, it became clear to Vlaedr that being near other wild animals wasn’t going to help him.

Watching these feral bundles of energy wasn’t improving his mood.

The people were starting to keep a wide berth, the guards watching him closely. Vlaedr could even swear that the zoo keepers were following him.

After all, normal people don’t have claw-looking fingers and wild brown hair. In fact, not a lot of people wear silver rings that shine like the moon, like Vlaedr does. Then again, Vlaedr isn’t most people. He isn’t even a real person.
(Well Its Bad, Its written quickly, but its my intro. So shut up and like it.)

Hopefully I will have Chapter One ready sooooooooooooonnnnn.......................

Sunday, 22 April 2012


Well, boy am I glad that Mr. Derek Landy has finished KOTW, and is editing it!

That is the best news that I have heard in days, besides that Hunger Games is finally out in South Africa... Go Skulduggery AND the Mockingjay!!!!!

Now only SP has to be turned into a movie, and my life will be perfect....

Topic switch:
Did you know that being a tattooist is statistically the most likely to survive as a new business?
I didn't either. Until today.


Now tattooists will rise to the occasion and take over the world.
Ladies and gentlemen, prepare you ink.

Just saying....

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Coming home is special. Its just as dirty as you left and you swear that you placed certain stuff in other places than they are.

The dog is amazed to see you, having assumed you were dead.

The hamster just nibbles a seed and stares at you....

The grumpy old neighbor glares at you, wishing you had stayed.....


On top of it all you have to unpack, take a long shower, eat some food out of an empty fridge, and plan what you are going to do the rest of the weekend.

Aaaahhhhh. Vacations.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Vacations and such....

Aaaaahhh. Vacations. The climax of holidays. The bringers of stress and relaxation at the same time.

I sure do miss them.

Tomorrow I shall be heading down to Durban, best beach and vacation spot in the world. Argue-ably.

A week of sun, sun burns, sand, sand burns, ocean, and ocean.... rashes?

Well, you get the picture.

I just finished packing. One suitcase. 44 minutes. Impressive or what? Not counting the computer games in between....