Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Hahha, I love this vid. It is amazing. Especially if you are a Tolkien-ite like me.

Check it out:

Anywho, I must say, I absolutely have no tolerance for this... THING that has been annoying me for months now.

I HATE it. Almost as much as I hate VAMPIRES.

If I could find the person who invented this useless piece of crap, I would should them in the face.

With a fireball.

Followed by a few kicks. ALSO in the face.

What is this THING I am talking about, dear reader?

What vexes me so?


I am serious.

There is nothing on earth that has less use.

Screw blocking spam-robots. I HATE that thing.

"Type in: (KD kdjkslj ^&%&%*&^%& KLSLKFJALJ kjdlkjdl agdghssgd) to prove you are not a robot!"

I type it in.

"We are sorry. The junk we gave you to type is wrong. Please type in: (lkaodgagsdufgauygduf AYUDSTGFUAGAIDHGFYAIUYG *%&$^$)(&%&^%) to prove you are not a robot."


There are now two bullets in my screen! Does that prove I am not a robot?!


That has been bothering me for a while now. Had to get that off of my chest.

Ok, here is Chapter Three.


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Not that I don't love you all.

Ok, here is the Chapter.

Chapter Three: Bring me to life.....


When my eyes opened again, I was lying in front of a fire. This one seemed to have been made recently. I don’t know why I thought that. Maybe it was because it was burning on wood, not chunks of super-heated material.

I blinked away ash from my eyelashes. Nothing made sense anymore. Everything had become dust in front of my eyes. Ash in the wind.

I held down the sobs that wanted to break out. With a cough, I started struggling to sit up.

I unexpectedly let out a small mewl of pain, jumping at the sound. After a moment or two I started laughing. It was a hysterical laugh, the ridiculousness of the moment somehow funny to me.

I heard the whisper of movement in front of me. In an instant I was rolling backwards, hands up to ward off any attacks, heart pounding like artillery guns. Every pain that I had disappeared in that moment.

A boy was sitting on the other side of the fire, calmly looking into the flames. His knees were drawn up, his arms folded around them. He glanced at me before turning his gaze back to the writhing flames.

After a few minutes my heart calmed down again, but my fear remained, a cold presence in my centre. Eventually I lowered my arms, noting how sore they were from staying in that position for so long. I crept back to the fire, my primal instincts alert and buzzing.

It seemed the longer I stayed in this nightmare, the more I was turning into an animal.

We sat there for a while, before he started speaking in a low, soft voice.  “You were out for a day or two. It’s hard to tell in these conditions...”

I looked up at him, taking a moment to remember how to speak. When I did, I tasted blood, my throat still raw from the other night...

“I.. Where was... I?” I cleared throat painfully.

He nodded off to the side. I looked where he had indicated, seeing the familiar wall and chunk of car. There was something new though, a lump of charred material and metal. Once again, I tried to remember why that looked familiar, but nothing came to mind.

“Soldier...”  He said without any emotion. “They came as soon most of the fires had died down.”

Soldier. SOLDIER. I kept repeating the word, but all that came to me was its echoes in my empty mind.

After a few more minutes of silence, I attempted to speak again. “Who... are you?”

He laughed bitterly. “Who am I? What does it matter. What does anything matter anymore? Hell somehow crawled unto Earth. And we are probably all that is left...”

I thought about that. In many ways, what he said was true. Hell did seem to have taken over Earth. And there was no one else out there.

“Shade. Call me Shade. If we are going to survive in this aftermath, we might as well have new names.” He looked at me straight in the eye. “So what is yours?

It took a moment or two for me to register the question.

“Mine?” I asked confused.

“Name.” He prompted. “You brought it up.”

I sunk back into my thoughts,  surrounding myself in what had happened the last few days.

Fire seemed to have taken control of my life, ruling over my every move. Everywhere I turned, everywhere I went, there it was. Flickering. Burning. Sending out sparks. My life has become defined by flames.

It seemed that my identity was now dependant on it.

“Ignis. Its means fire in Latin.”

Shade smiled, with a hint of irony in his expression. “All right, Ignis. It is the end of the world, why not go crazy?”

But then his expression turned hard. “Me and you are going to have to look after each other. Our lives don’t mean much right now, but that doesn’t mean I want to die. You are going to have to wake up, snap out of that stupor you are in. Okay?”

I felt my own face hardening. “Don’t worry. I’m coming back to life. Slowly, but I am getting there.”

“Good.” He nodded, and we went back to staring at the swirling flames until late that night.

Well? Well?!

Isn't getting good?

I love it.

Need critisism though.

AND MY VUVEZELA!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Room Renovation...

So, today was one of those days that one strangely looks foreward to, and at the same time dread.

The day you sort out your room, throw away junk, and move stuff around for a new look.

I have planned this for a week now. I woke up, looked around, and started moving furniture like a mad man.

It still doesn't look any better than it did this morning.

Hopefully, 2 o' clock tomorrow morning things will look better.

Anyway, I must thank all you people who take the time to read and comment on my blog.

You are all special indeed.

Every comment helps me in one way or another. And you do me great honour in commenting.

So be my advertising agents (with a please), and recommend my blog to others. But they must comment!


You all seemed to like "The Silence", which is this story's name. Here is the second chapter. Don't choke.

Chapter Two: No more sorrow....


Leaves, trees, bushes, saplings; they all blurred as I ran through the woods. I could still feel the flames enveloping me, still see the their glow lighting up my surroundings.

And my flesh was still untouched.

My vision was non-existent as I ran, dark shapes and the red glow all I could pick through my tears of frustration and grief. All I heard was my loud breathing and stuttering cries.

I ran into a tree and bounced off, coughing blood. But then I was up again, leaving a patch of leaves burning. And the world blurred again.

I don’t know how long I ran. Or how far. But when I came-to, it was daylight and I was curled up in long grasses.

I blinked away leaves, rubbing my soot-covered hands over my eyes and shivering at the gritty sensation.

My clothes were singed and blackened, and I was strangely warm, but I could not find burn marks anywhere on my skin. I rolled over, getting to feet with a moan. My body and legs where bruised from falling and running over and over again.

I realized I must have run through the whole night.

I took my surroundings in, still stretching and trying to loosen my tired muscles. I was in a marsh-field, in a clearing of trees. Over the trees, in the distance, I saw tall pillars of smoke rising.

Everywhere I looked I saw similar ones. Some were nearer, others further. All thick and dark.

Images of last night were seared into my eyes. Every time I blinked, they would appear. Roasted flesh. Burning wood. Splintered debris.

I choked up and coughed. No. I had to block the pain. The pain was slowly killing me. Ignore the pain. Just keep going. Leave this place.

Not once did it cross my mind to go back. Not once did I think to try and find out what was going on. I was just too tired. Too crushed. Too dazed.

The afternoon found me near civilization. Through the trees I saw the shapes of houses. Or what used to be houses. These were also crushed. Wrecked.

Something within me woke up. I felt as if it would be a very bad idea to go near the wrecks. An insistent voice kept saying “NO.” First softly but growing in volume.

I tried to listen to it. To find its source. But I was still struggling to link coherent thoughts together. My hands were burning and my face felt hot. But I didn’t care.

I fell to my knees and started moving slowly closer. I thought nothing, felt nothing. Just the same voice, over and over again.

No. No. No. NO. NO. NO. NO! NO! NO!

Louder and louder, closer and closer.

I crawled up next to a wall, leaning against a chunk of what used to be a car. It had struck the wall at a 90 degree angle with great violence.

 And I just lay there, as quiet as I could, listening for sounds beside the voice.

A crunch woke me up. It was dark. A pale moon was in the sky.

I calmed my breathing and listened carefully.

Another crunch.

I tried to figure out what that crunch meant. I tried to piece together some sense into the picture.


Like an animal, I cowered in the corner, wishing away whatever it was.

A tall shape appeared, walking through the ruins with a what looked like a pipe in his hands. The shape was completely black, various buckles and pockets being picked up in the pale light. He clutched the pipe-thing with both hands, pointing it forward and sweeping it back and forth like a weapon.

I stayed still, trying to figure out why this figure looked familiar.


My heart rate picked up, and my hands started burning again. I tried to calm it, but it didn’t work. The shape seemed to have sensed something, and turned his head slightly in my direction.

Just like my mom always did. The thought burst into my mind with violence. Immediately I remembered last night, the fire, the howls, the deaths....

My hands burned fiercely but I didn’t care. With the memories came thoughts and with the thoughts came emotions.

A massive cry roared out of me, wrapping around the shape. My vision filled with flickering light, and I couldn’t tell if it was memories or real. Everything, emotions and memories and reality, all accelerated and exploded into a great cauldron of confusion.

And then, for the first time, there was peace.

And wasn't that just so much fun? I love writing stuff like this.

I know this is far from perfect, but I prefer to keep a mistake or two in the writing. Makes me work harder to top everything I have done.

Work it harder, make it better...

That type of jazz.

Comment your hearts out.

Sunday, 9 September 2012


Indeed, it is I. I am back from the dead...

Or holiday. Same thing.

Anywho, I know I haven't blogged in centuries, so please stop throwing assorted junk at me. I just had a beautifully long holiday before I write exams, so be gentle.

But I haven't abandoned you people. Whoever you are. If you are still here...

I have been commenting on your blogs, and writing occasionally. Lets just say, you guys are more of an inspiration then I will ever admit.

But, I also have been wasting time. Minecraft. Where have you been all my life.

I have successfully watched hours of my time fly away into the awesome and amazing void that is Minecraft.

So yeah. Now you know where I have been the last few weeks.

Now, I know I said next time I posted, it would have a story. And I am keeping my word. It is down below.

But I also want to ask you random people something (is anyone even there?). Would you like me to continue with Lord Vlaedr's adventures? Because I have written a few chapters of it, but I'm honestly not "feeling it" anymore.

So here is your homework: choose one of the three stories you want me to write or continue.

Lord Vlaedr and Vesalda.

A new Lord Vlaedr.

Or this:

Chapter One: Through the fire and the flames.....

Why am I writing this?

What is the purpose?

I don’t know. I really don’t.

Maybe I am hoping that someone finds this one day.

Naive, I know.

But someone has to hear this story.

And it might as well be you...


I will start where it started. That night.

I remember the cold crystals blowing across my face, burning their way into my pores. The wind seemed especially sharp that night, cutting through me like knife to paper. My bones ache with the thought of it.

My boots crunched in the slushy, ice mixture, collecting moisture everywhere they could. Soon my jeans were soaked up to the knees.

I was walking home. No one was outside. Who would want to be? It was just me. And the cold. But I never got cold. It was just the way I was. Mom said that it was because I had grown up tough. I didn’t believe it.

The flickering of lights was seen through the windows of the houses. Everyone lit fires on a night like this. You would be mad not to.

Or dead.

One moment I was walking along a lonely street, the next I was spitting out chunks of ice and asphalt.

I picked myself up, gazing with horror at the destruction around me. What used to be houses were now charred wrecks, filled with bubbling glass and melted insulation. The street was no more. Shards of the sidewalk littered everywhere, in walls and scattered across yards.

There were no screams, no cries of agony.

Just. Instant. death.

Tears from the heat streamed down my face. I staggered away from the massive craters filled with blazes, heading further down the street towards my house.

I tripped over a crack, falling to my knees. I slowly raised my gaze, recognizing my yard for the first time. Or what used to be my house.

It was flattened, completely and utterly destroyed. My pillowcase was hanging from what used to be a tree. My mom’s laptop lay half-melted on the lawn.

My chest tightened, panic and misery flowing through me. I choked on my tears. Dead. They were all dead.

Then there was a scream. A shape appeared in the doorway, crawling on the floor, all the while sobbing and screaming. I jumped up and ran to it. When I got to it, it stopped moving but went on screaming. I turned it over and found out why.

It was my sister. Her face was melted, no features visible. Blood leaked  out of the broken and bubbling flesh. She seemed to sense me and screamed louder.

I backed up, now screaming myself. I bumped into someone behind me. Our neighbour. Also half melted. Also screaming.

There were people everywhere. Screaming. Alive, when they should be dead.

But I didn’t wonder or care. I just turned and ran, my body on fire now, screaming myself. But for different reasons.

Yes it is short, but thats my style. Its how I roll.

And it is totally morbid.

No, I am not jacking other people's ideas. This is totally original. I wrote this more than four weeks ago.

Oh, and by the way, I watched Julie/Julia. It was so sweet. And its given me an enirely different prespective on blogging....

So remember: choose a story and comment it!

And comment on this one ^!

And help me get more readers!

Plus more critisism!!!!