Thursday, 7 June 2012

Heya. Um..... 1866!

Mount and Blade. The best game ever made.


If you don't know it... well....

Get to know it!

Its amazing.

Especially all the mods you can get for it.

1866 Western.

Star Wars.

Lord of the Rings.


Well my friends, its been a shortish journey, full of adventures and mayham.

But the time has come to say goodbye to Lord Vlaedr.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE VLAEDR.

But this is the last chapter of Part One.

Enjoy, and writhe with burning questions & mysterious mysteries.

Chapter Nine: Down Under....

Another two hours and a completely new car later, and they were back in business. It took them an hour to get to their location. This time, no explosives.

“So that was a lackey, as you call it, of Yslock?” Vlaedr whispered, his shotgun out and sweeping his immediate surroundings.

“Yes,” Skai replied, in the same hushed tone. His great-sword was in his hands, held ready. “But I am still not sure why he attacked us.”

They were in a small warehouse, in-land from the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary doctors had patched them up, and then Vlaedr and Skai were put in charge of extracting information out of the dying man. That information led them here.

“I thought you said that the prey, I mean, the man had told you that he worked for Yslock. So why did he attack us?” Vlaedr checked behind a crate and kept moving.

“Why don’t you listen? You were right there. He was even speaking to you. His words were: Yslock has something planned for you. Something horrible. Something that meant I had to try to stop him, or everyone was going to die. Including Yslock. And then he died. Remember that?” Skai scanned behind them, rotating his wrist muscles and the sword in small circles.

“I remember. Him dying, that is. I am horrible at socializing.” Vlaedr said, walking up to a blackened door. “Five dollars says that something interesting is behind this door.”

Skai smiled. “We are in Brazil, they don’t use dollars.” He opened the door, revealing a small, bare room that contained nothing but a rubber bone. Vlaedr frowned. Skai smiled wider. “You would have lost five dollars.”

Vlaedr walked into the room, Skai watching the door. The walls were cold, and hard, made from a strange material. Vlaedr frowned deeper. He walked towards the rubber bone. Something wasn’t right. Everything that had happened so far. Some element just didn’t fit.

He tried to link his thoughts. Skai. Burning sensation. Ring. Traps at every corner. Skai. Wounds. The dead.  Hotel burning. Skai....  Mysterious Skai. Never fighting, Skai. SKAI.

Vlaedr shouted, backing away from the bone, and turned towards Skai.

His sword was at his side, his smile growing wider, unnaturally wide. Then he laughed, as the door closed with a deep shudder. The laugh continued, amplified into the small room by speakers. A live image of Skai’s face was blown up against the wall, projected out of a small hole in the opposite wall.

“Poor, poor Vlaedr. So new to this world. So young. So strong. Sooooo naive.” The unnatural smile unnerved Vlaedr. The smile was too wide, the teeth too cat-like. He didn’t like cats. He hated them almost as much as Vampires.

Vlaedr growled, settling into a deep crouch. The laugh grew. “Growl all you want, my little pet, but you won’t be able to tear your way out of this prison. Those burnt marks on the door show that neither can anything get in. You and I are going to have a lot of fun together.”

Fury boiled in Vlaedr. His eyes grew luminous. “How could you do this, Skai! I trusted you! I would have died for you!”

Yslock stopped laughing, still smiling and thoroughly amused by events. “I doubt that very much. I am not sure what can kill you. Yet.”

Vlaedr calmed down with great effort, thinking.

“My dear creature, you are so deluded. Haven’t you noticed by now? I would have thought you would be able to smell the blood difference between me and Vesalda.”

“I did. I assumed one of you was adopted.” Vlaedr said, glaring with all he had. His eyes started glowing brighter.

“Nope. First mistake, assuming. Never assume in this world. It will get you in nasty situations. Second mistake, thinking I am Skai.” And then, before Vlaedr’s eyes, Skai’s features twisted and melted. When the transformation was finished, a familiar face lay before Vlaedr’s eyes. It was Varoque.

Later, after being knocked out by gas, Vlaedr was sitting in his cell, in the corner. He didn’t boil with anger. He didn’t tear at the walls with his fury.

He relaxed.

He let nothing enter his mind, and he let nothing exit it. Everything he was, wanted to be, and everything at present, all swirled in a giant cauldron of thoughts. He examined everything, letting nothing pass through his gaze.

Through hours and days, he sat there. And thought. And meditated. And examined himself. And never did he move. Not once.

And so time passed. And with it came many strange things.

People came in and out of the cell. Prodded him. Cut him. Drew blood. Injected fluids. Hit him. Talked to him. Shouted at him.

And still he did not move. His mind swirled, passing through passages and hallways, carving paths into the rugged parts of his mind where he had never gone before.

And still time passed.

After exactly 5 days, 6 hours, 32 minutes and 17 seconds he found it. What he was looking for. His magic. His true self. What he really was.

He stood up, his eyes glowing, body surging with power he never knew he had. But he had found it. He gazed around his cell, eyes never dimming with their luminous green. They were going to stay that way.

Everything changed. No longer was he just a creation. But he was also something special. He had something else. Something that seemed rare in this  world.

He had found his power. He had examined himself, and found it. But he had also found his problem. The ring. It wasn’t made right. Varoque hadn’t made it right. Its magic was twisted. A rune off. A glyph wrong.

And that had awakened his magic. His OWN magic.

Something snapped. Something in him changed. Something that used to be his inner child. It grew and grew. Until it became hatred. Hatred for Varoque. Something dark.

And with that, Vlaedr had his purpose. Varoque. Scimitar Yslock. Whoever it was, they were going down. Hard. Beast style.

He had never felt like this before. Purposeful. Doing what he wanted. Not forced into something. Not being led.

He walked to where the door was. He had marked it once it had smoothly slid into the wall. He had marked so he could find it later. And he had marked it with all he had at that moment. He had marked with.... his urine.

He located the spot, ignoring the strong smell. He frowned and extended his paw-hand, lightly touching where the door was. He closed his eyes and concentrated. Then the door blew up.

He picked himself up, coughing in shock. Surely I am not THAT powerful, he thought, examining his claw-hand with new interest.

“Come on!” A female voice reached his ringing ears. He looked up. Vesalda stood there, another great-sword in her hands, this one more slender, but similar to Skai’s. “What are you waiting for?! We have to get out of here!”

So much for instantaneous power, he thought grumpily. He was out of the cell and next to her in a flash, his shotgun in his hands. She wrinkled her nose. “What is that smell?”

“Don’t ask,” he muttered as they ran, shooting or cutting down everything in their path. Vlaedr laughed, kicking and shouting with all he had at whatever tried to stop him. He didn’t even know what he was killing. He didn’t care. He was doing what he had been created for.

They made it out into the sunshine, a helicopter already lifting off. My ears must be still in shock. I didn’t hear it at all, he thought dejectedly. They jumped in as it lifted off, Vlaedr giving Vesalda a hand.

“It’s my private helicopter. Silenced.” She explained to his confused expression.

“What now? What do we do now?” He asked, staring down at the disappearing warehouse.

She smiled and patted Vlaedr’s thick arm.

“We go down under..... We need allies for this battle. We can’t do this with just the South American Sanctuary.”She smiled that beautiful smile again. “And thanks.”

“For what?” But she was already looking away, staring into the rising rays of the sun, preparing for the coming battles. And so Vlaedr joined her.

Pretty awesome right? When I started this chapter I had no idea how it was going to go. No idea how it would end. I LITERALLY surprised myself when I wound up writing the horrible twist. It was hilarious.

You had to be there.

Anyway, nothing is as it seems. This ending is actually just a beginning. I used part one to introduce Lord Vlaedr. I can now safely assume that you understand him pretty well.

I will start posting Part Two soon. The thing is, the internet STILL dies randomly. The wireless router is fried....



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  4. *is in shock* . . . I was NOT expecting that . . .

    It was REALLY good! Congrats for shocking everyone! Including you! Now I come to think about it, it DOES all add up to Skai being a traitor, doesn't it . . .

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    Wow, Cat ACTUALLY followed my name advice. Yay. I should be titled the Poiner-Outer of Name Masters, coz I point out Name Masters.

    Can't wait for Part Two! Glad the ending is only the beginning!