Sunday, 2 December 2012

Falling to Pieces....

Have ya heard that song? ^

Sia with David Guetta.

Damn. DAMN.

That song gives me shivers down my spine every time I listen to it.

It might not appeal to some of you, but wow. I seriously dig it.

Anyway, this pales in comparison to what happened to me yesterday.

I got the six (seventh?) comment on Mr. Landy's blog. I have NEVER been that close to the top.

The closest I had been before yesterday was 25th I believe.

So you can imagine my ecstasy and dancing around when I saw my opportunity.

Typing in a rapid, but hopefully profound message, I eagerly cackled with glee...

And waited....

(in between waiting, I subtly typed another comment right after the first one, expressing my surprise and luck; I may have even slipped in a tiny hint of a plead...)


A few comments later, I see this:
Derek Landy said...
Thank you Bethany and Colleen! You have wonderful taste!

Editorsarticle- KOTW is in e-book format but that's as much as I know!

Lord Vlaedr- I'd love to visit Africa. Hopefully I'll get there eventually.

NJ- couldn't agree with you more.

Jordan- er... hi...!



Oh the shouts of joy I uttered. The tears of happiness that pumped from my ducts...

I am not going to even exaggerate, this was literally a tick off my bucket list.

Now, this may happen to many of you other Minions, but remember: You guys have been on here way longer than me and are quite a bit more popular than humble ol' Vlaedr.

But it was still a very special moment for me. 


Time to focus on my writing. However bad it may be, that is why you are here, is it not?

Chapter... (checks...)


I have to write again soon. Lately I kind of hit a rough patch, my writing mentality deserting me....

Anywho, here is Chapter Ten.

Chapter Ten: Wild ones....

The haze started at the edges of her eyes, leaking out like some sort of mist. Trickling down, the thickness swelled and ebbed at random intervals, reaching down towards Calin’s feet. As more streamed out, the soldier’s eyes widened in surprise.

By the time the first one had turned to run, it was too late.

Way too late.

With burning eyes, Calin advanced, vapor tentacles reaching out with swift movements. Before they could even blink, the soldiers were twitching, suspended in the air. Moments later their twitching bodies hit the hard dirt, all life having left them.

The sole remaining member of the group stood in shock, his mouth and eyes comically stretched open. There was a silent moment, everyone taking in what had just happened.

With spastic jerk, the leader twisted around and dived off the edge of the building, plummeting headfirst two-stories down.

Or, he would have. His body spasming, Calin’s largest tentacle brought him back towards us, speared through his lower back and out the other side.

The last body joined the rest, dropping down in a tangle of bloody limbs. Shade and I shared a glance. No shock, no surprise. Just a look of joined admiration. And maybe traces of disgust.

Then again, I had no right to talk...

 We both looked at Calin, who had in turn slowly turned back to us. The deadly white haze retracted back into her head. Blinking, she tenderly rubbed the new scars that had formed on the sides. Slightly puckered and pink, they faded into a milky white within seconds. She continued blinking, softly wiping away tears as her eyes watered.

Slowly looking at us, her eyes tentatively met ours, moving back and forth between us. Shade was staring at her with a mixture of wonder and admiration. Maybe even a tad of drool. I couldn't see my own expression, but I was going for acceptance and awe.

With a fragile smile, she shrugged, waving her arms at the corpses behind her. “Now you know...”
I nodded solemnly. There was nothing more to be said.

Suddenly Shade stumbled forward, a second later a shot ringing out. Blood splattering the ground before him, he gasped and clutched his thigh.

Already shock was running its course through him. Calin and I moved fast, each clutching an arm and dragging him through the hole that led to the first floor.

Shaking and hyperventilating, Shade’s pupils were dilated. I immediately crouched at the exit hole, Calin moving to try and see where the shot came from. “Anything?” I called out.

Her hair shaking side from side, she motioned to be silent. A small part of me was still trying to figure out why we weren't freaking out. I won’t deny, I was also puzzled by that.

She moved to Shade, ripping off one of her tattered pant legs, she wrapped it tightly around the wound.

Whispering a few words, she looked him in the eye. After a few seconds he nodded.

What was that all about? Burning with questions, I pushed them away as she moved towards me.

“We need to get my rifle and the other equipment off of the roof. And we need to get out of here with Shade.” Speaking low, but quickly, she kept an eye on the exit. “Of all the times, we need those medical supplies the most right now.”

I silently agreed. But I dreaded what needed to be done. There was only one way out of this building. And if, as I suspected, there were a few more squads waiting outside.... Well, then....

Again her sharp eyes seemed to read my mind. She slowly shook her head, even though I could see in her eyes that my idea was our only way out.

“You can’t.” Two words were enough.

I glanced at Shade, his teeth grit and eyes screwed shut. But you see, Calin, I can. I have to.

I voiced only the last sentence. Her eyes hardened into that familiar look. “How are you going to do this?”

I peeked out over the roof, noting three soldiers with what was most likely sniper rifles. Sliding back as projectiles ricochet around me, I look at Calin again.

“This building is marked, possibly more soldiers than we can handle. I am going to run out, make my way towards the camp. My plan is to find the medical cache and weapons stash. If I confuse and disorientate them at the same time, all the better.”

Her eyes said it all. “That is suicide, and you know it.”

I laughed at the irony. “Calin, my life the last couple of days have been suicide. In all that I have lived through, death was imminent. I shouldn't be alive. But I am. Shade, and probably you too, is going to die if I don’t try something.”

With a black humour written all over my face, I gave Shade a pat and winked at Calin. Sprinting as if flames were licking my heels, I blurred out of the exit hole.

Almost immediately bullets started appearing out of nowhere, shooting small puffs of dust into the air as they hit the ground. Masked and unmasked faces revealed themselves from inside and in the shade of buildings, details becoming unclear as I picked up the speed.

Ducking in between ruins and jumping through holes in the walls, I kept a lot of cover between the fire aimed at me. Time seemed to speed up, as I suddenly found myself at the edge of the camp, a small fence of sandbags and barbed wire surrounding the outpost.

With a bound, I cleared a low wall and found myself neck-deep in enemy territory, the cold faces of soldiers of many different races and colours surrounding me.

Sorry guys, I haven't really had time to go through this one. So please pardon any spelling mistakes and/or grammar issues.

Hope ya enjoy!


  1. You enjoy this, don't you? Stopping in the middle of an exciting scene. :D
    I just can't wait for the next one!!! :)
    Oh, and I love the song!

  2. Oh, brilliant!

    And I've never heard either of the songs...