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Popularity itself.....

Look at that. LOOK AT THAT!

I have THREE followers. THREE!

And guess what?
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The majority come from Australia and England, but that doesn't matter. I am officially "popular".

Thats right. I said it.



Enough lolly-gagging. Time for Chapter Two....

TWO! (Okay i'm done.)

Chapter Two: The Start of Something New...

Waking up in a cell. Something new. Something old. Same feeling as being trapped. Same futileness. Same protection.

He was in a white room, covered in metallic plates, with one large window in the wall. Probably a foot thick, Vlaedr thought. Or else they wouldn’t have put me in here.

Vlaedr quickly searched the room for weaknesses, holes, other windows, but found nothing. Sure he could bash on the walls and windows until they broke, but then where would he be? Surrounded by angry people shouting “Vampire!”. Plus, he was starting to think that maybe these people weren’t enemies. They had captured him, sure. But he still had his weapons and wasn’t shackled down.

So, for now, Vlaedr would wait.

And he didn’t wait long.

Half an hour later, three vertical plates slide to the side and four men walked in. The first one was a proper looking chap. Nice suit. Friendly face. And he was carrying a tray, piled with food.

If he had come without the tray, Vlaedr would have eaten him. After all, he did look so soft and meaty... NO. Vlaedr shook his head. Keep the humanity, he thought determined, Keep the Beast away!

The other three men behind Friendly-Chap, were all covered in long robe, things. They had grey visors that covered their faces. Oh, and they had long Scythes. Vlaedr immediately crouched, his hair rising, and growled in a sub-tone.

The Friendly-Chap quickly backed up, and looked at where Vlaedr was looking.

“Weapons down, gentlemen. He isn’t going to cause us any harm.” The man said smiling. The Three-Scythers swiftly returned their Scythes to their backs.

“Now, won’t you eat a bit?” The man said, still smiling. “You have been asleep for 2 days, without a bite to eat. Those pipe-thingies just don’t fill you up like real food does! I would know!”

He laughed, patting his stomach.

In short order Vlaedr ate the food set before him. A lot of bacon, eggs, and toast. And tea. Blessed tea.

Seeing as Vlaedr had finished, the man sat down on the floor across from him and started talking.

“You were picked up two days ago on the street, on assumption that you were a Vampire.”

Vlaedr sneered at this.

The man continued. “After numerous test done by the Healers District in London, we have come to the conclusion that you are not a Vampire.”

Another sneer.

“This is where the British Sanctuary came into contact. We were told of a male Caucasian that had Bestial features, contained high traces of magic on himself and was not a Vampire.” He looked at Vlaedr before he could sneer. Then he continued.

“I am the Administrator at the London Sanctuary and I have come to ask you a few questions. Or to be honest, just one. What is your story?”

Vlaedr stared at him for a few seconds and then slowly began speaking.

“First off, I am not a Vampire. I am a Wolf. Well also a Bear. But this is a long story. Are you sure you want to hear it?"
The Administrator just nodded. Vlaedr leaned back, and recalled his strange life so far.
"You see when I was an infant; a certain beloved doctor started changing my molecular structure by adding the Genes of a Bear and the DNA of a Wolf...”

The Administrator listened and said nothing.

“So by the time I was ten-ish, I can’t really remember this part but the doctor explained it to me; on my tenth birthday I was completely wolf/bear. My features were wolf and my body the shape of a wolf. My paws and size was more bear-like. He used the ingredient X: Magic, to smooth the process over, making sure my two Beast natures didn’t rip me apart. But I was too tame.... So the doctor put me in an environment...”

Vlaedr explained how he had been put in an area with many wolf packs and was left alone, but still monitored by the doctor. By the doctor’s records, it took Vlaedr a year to join a wolf pack, two years to become an alpha, and four years to take over all the wolf packs, turning them into a scarily efficient army.

The Administrator just nodded and motioned Vlaedr to continue.

“Well by then I was about 17. But I was totally uncivilised. Sure, I could think and reason, just like a normal human. But I didn’t know anything but my Beast side. So, the doctor crafted me this ring...”

Vlaedr pointed to the ring, explaining how it was imbued with magic while it was being forged, weaving the essence of the spell into the fibres of the metal. How it was shaped like a wolf, crafted with symbols to turn Vlaedr into a humanoid form.

“There. I just quoted to you my whole life, in the Doctor’s words. But, you see,” Vlaedr said leaning forward. “This ring makes me look how I look now. But I am still just a Wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

The Administrator nodded again as if he understood perfectly.

“Well, after finding the ring works, my doctor took some time to educate me in this world’s affairs, teaching me my letters and numbers and how to operate weapons. After all, you can’t scratch everything... Then, one day the doctor said “You are now truly my Frankenstein.”, and the next day I woke up on the street. Not much of an ending, huh?”

The Administrator stood up and smiled.

“Your story has... many gaps. But that will do for now. Now that I have assessed you are perfectly sane, I would like to take you to meet my Employers. They are old, and grand, and I am sure they would love to hear your story... So what do you say, hmm?”

Vlaedr glared at the man.

“I have one question. Will there be food?”
So there it is. Chapter Two.

I hope you like it. Or not.


  1. Before i tell you how excellant it was, i'd like to say, goldengoddammit ich war wrong he's not a vampire:(

    Goldengoddammit. So, das makes him like both a werewolf and a werebear in one, richtig? A werewolfbear? A werebearwolf?

    Although he isn't really the were part of werebearwolf or werewolf bear, so that males him just a wolfbear or a bearwolf, richtig?

    But, anyway, es war sehr gut:)

    It reminded my of Maximum Ride a bit - the mixing of DNA and stuff. Well, actually, not the stuff, just the mixing of DNA, but whatever.

    You know at the end where you said we hoped we liked it? Or not? Why would you hope we didn't like it? (Rhetorical question).

    I like how you indirectly told us that he can eat normally as well as ripping people apart to eat them.

  2. Why thank you. Both of you.

    Yes. I wouldnt exactly compare him to MR, since he loves his doctor and actually likes the transformation. Also, MR didnt use magic to make sure he doesnt become two seperate entities.

    I was joking star. I would love for you to love it. I was letting you subtly know that I dont want hate messages and that I dont much care for them....

  3. LOL I like this a lot!
    he really reminds me sometimes of Wolf from this movie called the 1oth Kingdom.
    Wolf is my favorite character :D