Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Damn, Time to Start Writing Again....

Well everyone and no-one reading this blog, I have decided to start writing again. It has been far too long and I need the practice.

Well since I am a devout fan and personal follower of Derek "Master" Landy, I will fan-fic him..... (personally I hate jacking ideas, my belief is "Original or Die", but thats just me)

Seeing as I am a newbie, I will read and stalk alot of other Derek "Master" Landy's Fan-Fic followers...
or whatever they call themselves (Ninja Leprechauns? Minions is just too normal....).

I will read and follow Nixion Strange, Zatchraskjdflaj Mist (how do you spell that?), and Eve.... ect. And others who I am too lazy to name.....

There, I have a plan. Now I need blueprints! Bring me the chalk, Igor!!!!!!!!!

While I do that, read the Intro for Lord Vlaedr's Story......

Intro: Umble Beginnings...

Deer. What a fascinating word. Used to describe herbivore mammals that stand slightly shorter than a horse yet have an equal or greater speed.

Add an “a” in place of the second “e” and it is a term of en”dear”ment....

And yet like most of its other Mammal brothers, it is a food source for man.

...and beast.

But that has absolutely nothing to do with me, Vlaedr thought looking at the little sign in front of the deer’s exhibit. Its not like I have a bestial urge to jump over the high voltage fence and rip out its throat, he thinks dryly. No sir, not me.

“Hello sir.” A zoo official materialized at Vlaedr’s side. “May I help you with anything? Any problems of any sort?”

“Um, no. I don’t think so.” He says frowning.

“Why do you ask?”

“Well... you have been standing here for the last ten minutes, glaring at the deer and... “growling’. You are scaring the rest of the viewers and I’m going to have to ask you to stop.”

Only now did Vlaedr notice the other people looking at him, obviously creeped out and keeping their distance from him.

“Sorry about that,” He said rolling his eyes “My sinus’s are congested and I have been trying to clear them” He smiled innocently.

“Well please try and do that in the bathroom, sir.” The man replies, obviously wondering why it took ten minutes.

Vlaedr just nods and walks away.

After wandering the zoo for hours, it became clear to Vlaedr that being near other wild animals wasn’t going to help him.

Watching these feral bundles of energy wasn’t improving his mood.

The people were starting to keep a wide berth, the guards watching him closely. Vlaedr could even swear that the zoo keepers were following him.

After all, normal people don’t have claw-looking fingers and wild brown hair. In fact, not a lot of people wear silver rings that shine like the moon, like Vlaedr does. Then again, Vlaedr isn’t most people. He isn’t even a real person.
(Well Its Bad, Its written quickly, but its my intro. So shut up and like it.)

Hopefully I will have Chapter One ready sooooooooooooonnnnn.......................


  1. *likes it but refuses to shut up*

    ES WAR SEHR GUT! You get a good sense of the character's personality from it, plus you included a description. And the 'not a real person' bit at the end was very intriguing.

    It's Zathract, btw. And, YOU DIDN'T MENTION ME!


    Call us Ninja Leprechauns if you wish. Although, if you think plain Minions is boring, why don't you make it Extremely Insane, Outsane, and Unsane Minions of the Golden God? EIOUMGG for short? Just a suggestion:)

    And, erm, xon

  2. Make that Extremely Insane, Outsane, Exsane and Unsane Minions of the Golden God.

    And at the end, it musta deleted a load of the end of my comment . . . I said don't expect comments this long all the time, i was bored:)

  3. Aaaahhhh. Sorry about that. I will most definitely mention Ink,Luciana,Robin,Flame,Sparky,Val,Rim,Lynxia and you again for good measure.

    EIOUMGG It is!!!!!!!! We are named!!!! AT Least thats what I think.

    Thanks for the Comment and make them long. I dont mind the least bit. :D

  4. Cool, I liked it. I thought it was written well too :D