Wednesday, 2 May 2012

ENOUGH. Now for some action.

Well I have had it with boring chapters, that have the sole purpose to set my new character up.

We need action!

I had fun with this next chapter, although it isn't that exciting. Sure, its getting there, and when it gets there, it will be a roller coaster that doesnt stop, but we arent there. And we need to be there.

After Chapter Four things start heating up. And they just don't stop.

Bear with me, rare readers of this really rusty.... blog?
Okay, enough alliteration.

To Chapter Four!

Chapter Four: Partners in Crime...

It was a proper storm by the time Vlaedr got to this Marx Skailus’s house. Or mansion.

“Last stop, man. I gotta get home to the wife and kids.” The cabbie said as Vlaedr paid him with his last few Euros. He got out and stood next to the gate. He was looking for a gatehouse or something, when he went flying, face-first, into the Big Golden Gates.

He rolled over, spitting blood, and squinted into the glare of the cab’s headlights. “I have HAD it with you maniacs! Why do people keep hitting me with DAMNED CARS!!!!”

Through the bright light, Vlaedr saw the cab driver. Or what used to be a cab-driver. In front of his eyes, the cab driver raised his arm, ripping off the skin on his head. Underneath, there was a white, pale creature. The black, oblong eyes stared at him hungrily. Then it opened the door and got out of the car in one, smooth movement.

“I don’t know what you are, or why you aren’t dead from that bullet in your chest,” It rasped as it settled into a crouch. “But you smell... delicious. And quite different from normal humans....”

Vlaedr stood up, glaring at the creature before him. Then, suspicion entered his mind. “Wait. Are you a Vampire?”

The creature laughed raspily, and nodded. “Aren’t too smar....”

But then it had no time to speak, for a slab of muscle and fur hit him with such force that the cab was actually pushed backwards a meter or two.  There was two flashes as the M9 went off, burying two bullets into Vampire’s head. The beast stood up, hunched over the broken cab’s hood, where the drying Vampire lay.

A wolfish face emerged out of the dark form, sniffing the broken Vampire’s face. It vaguely saw the monstrous form and had just enough time to register alarm before the beast buried its muzzle in the Vampire’s chest, ripping out large chunks of flesh and sinew.

Vlaedr straightened, wiping his bloody face, and making sure the ring was securely on his finger and his gun back in his strap. “I hate Vampires!” He said to the corpse. Then he knocked on a side door, next to the gate. After being leered at by the suspicious guard, he was let in.

Vlaedr quickened his pace as the guard noticed the cab, hurrying up the long driveway to the mansion. The mansion was a honey-beige colour, the stone trimmings a light brown. It was three stories high, with large open windows, and old fashioned shutters. The front door was two large slabs of wood, with massive hinges.

What is this, a castle? Vlaedr thought as he walked to the door-gate. Why couldn’t they just buy a normal door? Why do you have to go buy the whole damn forest, instead of just one tree? He licked his lips. At least he had a nice snack before he arrived. It had helped his temper a bit.

The thunder flashed, and the rain intensified. Vlaedr banged against the doors with both hands as hard as he could. It felt good.

A few seconds later a tall, slim woman opened the door. Her hair was long, touching the small of her back, and a nice honey colour. She wore a long sleeved robe that was tied like a kimono. She was tanned, and had a small curved scar on her temple. Her eyes were bright blue. Literally, bright blue. Shining bright blue. It was distracting.

Vlaedr straightened, and nodded half-civilly. He decided to be as quick and to the point as you can be with chattering, bloody teeth.

“I am not a Vampire. I HATE vampires. I fought one outside your gate (he left out the eating bit) Your door is massive. Your eyes shine bright blue. I have travelled a long way to get here. May I come in?”

The woman smiled and laughed softly.

“You certainly do know how to introduce yourself. I never thought you were a Vampire, and I hate them too. Who wouldn’t? Come in, I will make you some tea.”

Slightly suspicious at the warm welcome, Vlaedr wiped his feet before walking into the house. The walls were a slightly lighter honey colour, with a large spiral stair case in the middle of the hall, leading up three floors. The walls were covered with tapestries. There was a large, plush carpet in the middle of the hall, with old fashioned figures woven on.

Vlaedr followed the woman to the kitchen. It was a large, marble affair, with plenty of modern, shiny appliances. She gave him a wet towel with a slight smile and then she started boiling the kettle, and setting out cups.

Vlaedr watched the door ways and glanced at the woman every now and then, as he cleaned himself up. He watched the stairs suspiciously too, just waiting for someone to run down them and tackle him. He heard someone clearing their throat, and quickly looked back at the woman. She was smiling and handing him a cup of steaming tea.

“Sorry.” He said in a gravelly voice.

She laughed again, a wonderful soft laugh.

“So what brings you here, my dear animal.” Vlaedr almost choked on his tea.

“Uh... Well...” He quickly wiped his mouth.

She smiled again.

“I am looking for a certain Marx Skailus.” Vlaedr said, opting for a warm tone. He didn’t quite make it.

She smiled wide now.

“Well, he seems to be behind you.”

Vlaedr spun around, taking care not to spill the tea. He was only moderately successful.

A young man stood in front of him. He had jet-black hair smoothed back, and he was wearing a suit, with a purple rose on his lapel. He smelled faintly of vanilla. His head came to Vlaedr’s shoulders, and he was well built.

“And with whom do I have the pleasure?” Marx said, smiling charmingly.

“Vlaedr. Lord Vlaedr.” Vlaedr said, extending his free hand.

Marx shook his hand, marking the thick bone structure and bloody claws with interest.

“Well dearest brother, I will now be retreating to my chambers. It was the utmost pleasure meeting you, Vlaedr.” She smiled widely, and walked gracefully up the stairs.

“Goodnight, dearest Vesalda.” Marx said, releasing Vlaedr’s hand and nodding to his sister. “Let us continue our conversation in the lounge.”

Marx lead the way to the lounge, a posh little room, filled with book cases, arm chairs, and a large fire place.

“Now, Lord. May I call you Lord?” He said settling into one of the large arm chairs.

“Please call me Vlaedr. I had a very narcissistic maker.” Vlaedr said, choosing the arm chair opposite Marx.

“Well call me Skai. I had a very fancy father. Rich too, as you can see.” Skai said smiling. “Now why did you travel here? What would you like to discuss?”

And so, warm and comfortable for the first time that day, Vlaedr explained his need, his commission, and his confusion about Vampires.

Skai leaned back thoughtfully. He was silent for a long while, obviously contemplating Vlaedr’s words. Vlaedr stared out the window, wondering where he was going to sleep outside, and whether it would be more comfortable to take his ring off....

Then, suddenly, Skai leaned forward again, smiling roguishly.

“Partners, you say?” His smile widened. “I think South America is calling our names, my friend.”

“More like calling us, I would say....” Vlaedr muttered as he examined his new companion with fair suspicion. “Why do you decide to trust me?”

Skai smiled. “We can discuss this fully in the morning. For now, let me get you a room. You look like you have had an interesting day.... Partner.”

There. Dear Lord, its been long, but so worth it. Next chapter will be better. I am still so rusty....

Oh! Before I forget, here is a picture of Lord Vlaedr. Its not the best image, and I did it between 1 am and 2 am in the morning, but it works.

Oh wow the camera sucks. It actually blocks out all my shading. Hopefully you still get a good idea how it looks.

Hope you like. I hate this camera.

(notice how he has a new scar on his lip-cheek, and massive bruising on the side of his face. Or maybe you wont, since this camera sucks)


  1. YOU'RE RIGHT, THE CAMERA SUCKS, i didn't notice any of that stuff you pointed out till you pointed it out.

    But it's still a good drawing, and i get the general idea of what Lord Vlaedr looks like:)

    About the story:

    That woman was freaky. It felt like a trap. Although it wasn't. I think.

    I know who wouldn't hate vampires! Some vampires wouldn't hate vampires!

    I recognised your introduction speech thingy.

    Although just walking in there and getting a partner immediately felt a little . . . Easy . . .


    It was waaaayyyyy to easy....

    Poor Vlaedr. So new to this world.....