Sunday, 6 May 2012

Long time, no Blog....

I haven't Blogged in a while. Funny.

Not really.

Here is Chapter Five, I believe.....

Chapter Five: New Arrivals...

“I still don’t understand why you made me dress up like this...” Vlaedr grumbled as he stepped off the private jet. “Or why you even agreed to partner up with me.”

Vlaedr was dressed in black and grey camo pants, wearing layered leather chest armour, all topped with a hooded cloak. He had his weapons strapped on him strategically, his M9 at his ribs again, his Ka-Bar on his thigh with a hole in the pants for the handle. This time his grenades were strapped to his belt at the small of his back.

“Ah, my friend, that gear compliments you. It will protect you slightly, and makes you look like a rogue. It’s a pity I didn’t have time to get you some magical protective clothes....”

Skai was decked out with a tight body suit, magically protected, and had a jacket and jeans over it. He carried a two handed “Great Sword” on his back, disguised by his clothes. He had talked about its magical history and how it had been passed down by his family. All Vlaedr could remember was that it sometimes catches fire.

“These clothes are fine. I don’t need no magical protection. You didn’t answer my second question.” Vlaedr replied slightly less grumpy and a bit more grateful. “Why did you decide to partner with me? A badly dressed rogue?”

Skai stepped off the ladder and walked over to Vlaedr, standing in front of him.

“Because it doesn’t take a genius to see that you have no idea how this world works. Plus, excitement is bound to follow a misshapen freak like you.” He said smiling. “And I have seen enough homeless and lonely people, to know when I am looking at one.” He said, his smile turning mischievous.

“I’m not homeless...” Vlaedr muttered as he followed Skai to the airport doors. “You still haven’t been very clear on why you joined up with me.....”

“Hidden motives, Vlaedr. That is all that you are getting out of me for now.” He called over his shoulder, as he entered the airport.

Vlaedr clamped down on his urge to tear Skai apart, and entered after him.

Riding down a bumpy jungle road, is not fun. Riding down a bumpy jungle road in a 4x4 truck that squeals and clatters like a dying robot, is quite worse. And riding rown a jumpy bungle doad.... Wait, what?

Needless to say, Vlaedr was uncomfortable. Distractingly so.

They were headed to a city, Rio de Janeiro, Vlaedr remembered. He hadn’t really been paying attention when Skai was talking about their destination. He was infinitely more interested by the leathery, browned locals they were passing. And the way they seemed to resemble dates... Tough and chewy on the outside, but gloriously sweet and juicy inside....

Vlaedr grimaced for the millionth time as they hit another of the trillion holes in the road. He growled loudly, annoyed the hell out of. Skai glanced over from his own bubble of misery, on the left side of the truck.

“I know how you feel, Beastie-Boy.” Skai said, flinching as they hit another pit of pain, on this pathetic path. “I don’t think I have ever been this uncomfortable.” He grabbed his sword and stowed under his seat, as it started sliding towards Vlaedr.

“Yeah, well you try having your body adjusted, modified, and mutated unnaturally, whilst growing and changing naturally.” Vlaedr muttered dispiritedly. He yelped as the truck abruptly dropped a foot or so. He glared at the smiling driver.

“Sorry, senor.” The driver turned on to a side road, albeit a lot smoother.

“Well I can’t say I have. But have you ever had your arm burned off?” Skai said, actually having heard Vlaedr’s comment. He braced himself as the truck went airborne off a big rock.

“No.” Vlaedr growled. “How did you get that right?”

Skai grinned. “I didn’t. It’s never happened to me either.”

Vlaedr sneered and turned back to stare out the window. Just as the car dipped sideways into a rather oblong pothole. Vlaedr rubbed his nose and sullenly turned to face the front.

“How far is it?” Vlaedr asked Skai.

He examined his watch. “About 5 minutes closer since the last time you asked.

The valet looked at Vlaedr’s claws for a few seconds more than was polite, before snapping out of it when Vlaedr growled. He swallowed and grabbed their cases, leading Skai and Vlaedr into the elevator. Vlaedr examined himself in the shiny interior. His hair was matted and stuck up in the most sinister way, his eyes howling with frustration at the long trip.

He immediately forgave the valet.

Luckily, Skai had already made reservations at a 5 star hotel in Rio de Janeiro, so all they had to do was pick up their room cards. Another stroke of luck was that while Skai supervised their cases being unloaded (more like all Skai’s cases, since Vlaedr only had one), was that Vlaedr had time to devour a wonderful little couple he found smooching behind the hotel.

The elevator rose gently, the only sound was the soft whirring of machinery and the nervous swallowing of the valet.

Their room was at the top of the hotel, a massively posh affair, with a bar, Jacuzzi, and two double beds. And of course a giant bathroom and a beautiful sky-line view of Rio de Janeiro and the ocean beyond. Vlaedr immediately flung himself on one of the beds, while Skai paid the wide-eyed valet and unpacked his numerous cases.

A short nap later and Vlaedr was in a considerably good mood. After all, one couldn’t get a lot of rest on Hell’s Highway through Bloody Paradise, he mused. He stood up and looked out the balcony. The sun was gently setting in a flurry of red and yellow streaks. The city was coming alive with the sounds of laughing and partying, while hundreds of coloured lights started glowing.

He turned around as Skai walked out of the bathroom, hair glistening wetly, while his body steamed ever-so slightly. Vlaedr noticed with interest, the curly chest hair in between where the bath robes edges met in the middle. And the scars underneath them.

“I assume you showered?” Vlaedr asked as nicely as he could. “You seem older and more experienced than I expected, now that I see what is underneath all that designer clothes.”

Skai smiled that charismatic smile and walked towards the bar. “Yes, well, things aren’t always what they seem, my hairy friend.” He started making himself a drink. “You yourself hide many secrets underneath that skin of yours.”

Vlaedr shrugged and double-checked his weapons, before strapping them back on.

“You know...” Skai said thoughtfully, sipping the dark green alcoholic drink he had made. “A handgun doesn’t exactly suite you. I mean, the knife and grenades are fine, but....” He took another sip. “One does not simply expect a dangerous-looking figure like you, to have a petty pistol.”

Vlaedr frowned and examined his handgun.

“I kind of like it. Besides, we can’t exactly get me a whole different weapon in a new country neither of us have been.” He re-attached it to his side. “And if I am so “dangerous-looking” character, then why did you let me into your house?”

And once again, Skai smiled that infuriating smile, his eyes containing a spark of seriousness. “Why do you think I let my sister greet you first?”

Vlaedr frowned, confused. Skai settled into a big, plush couch, sighing in a pleased manner as he leaned back. Suddenly, Vlaedr twitched, hearing a foreign sound. Then the bar exploded.

Exciting isnt it? It just gets better.....


  1. So many stories have car conversations . . .

    That's coz they're GOOD.

    Soooooo . . . There's something mysterious about that sister . . .

    Plus there's that 'hidden motives' thingymbobbin. *narrows eyes* i don't trust Skai.

    What's wrong with handguns? They're better than knives and stuff in ways coz they do long distance without you losing all your weapon in one throw. Knives can only do right in front of you, really.

    *is waiting to find out if the bar's okay* poor bar. It never asked to explode. Unless it DID ask to explode, in which case, it's a stupid bar.

  2. Lol Ink, did you like drink a barrel of sugar?
    You seem EXTREMELY hyper. Then again, you always seem hyper....

  3. Star drinks barels of sugar for snacks. HYPEROSITY!

    Good Lord Wolfy.

  4. Lord Wolfy?

    That is sooooo degrading.....

  5. hi, its chlo, the girl on derek landy's blog,
    anyways star recommended me to you. im rubbish coming up with names and im writing a story and i cant think of a good villain name, can you help plz?

    1. This is extremely late, I know, and I am very sorry. Its probably too late, but here are a few:

      Sarius Scrue, Deyvlin Garsus, Islar Grey, Proventus Trys, Klias Mex, Scalb Neyran, and Cloz Rife.

      Mix em, match em. Use or dont. Have fun!