Tuesday, 24 July 2012

"Denver - Derek's Post " The Repost of a Repost

Denver- Derek's Post

This is a repost of a repost, from Nix to Mist, and now to me....

Derek posted about the incident in Denver, which I'm sure you all know about. I'm not going to talk about that.
I think, as a mark of respect, we should leave that post empty of talk. I'm only going to go on the previous post, and I hope you all do that with me. It's a serious topic, and I don't think we should be talking on that post. I'm not saying don't leave a comment about it, hopefully your condolences, but please don't talk on it. Post this message on your blogs so people know about it, because not everyone reads my blog.

Thank you
All of the above apply to me. Please post this on your blog, since I know for a fact that not a lot of people read my blog....


  1. I'm very sorry for all the people who knew someone who died and I'm hoping for all the injured people and their family and friends.
    And I don't now what else I can say- there's not much to say about something like this. We all know what to say- we just can't put it into words. At least I can't.