Monday, 9 July 2012

Fighting... The Martial Arts type....

So... I havent blogged in a while.

A seriously long while.

Its quite sad.

I see how doubt has entered some of your minds. It crept in during my blogging absence. Some of you believe I gave up on blogging. Some think my internet conspired agaisnt me (AGAIN).

But it does not matter. For I am still here. I have always been here.

Although I do not blog, I still read all your blogs, and sometimes comment randomly *emphasis on randomly*.

I also still write. Not alot, but the bare minimum required to be called a writer (what is the bare minimum???).

But that is not why I am blogging today.

Put down that shoe you were about to throw!

No. Today I speak about fighting. The martial arts type.


I have been doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for exactly two years and four months.

The gym I belong to is owned by someone I know. I have been with it since it started. Exactly two years and four months ago.

Since then I have grown taller, shed a LOT of weight, and grown muscle. I grew up.

This year was the first time I competed. Before then I had never been in a fight, never shed blood through the harm another caused (unless you count the Knife Incident. Let us not talk about the Knife Incident.).

Minor slap fights and shoving contests have been about it.

So far my BJJ compition record stands at two wins and one loss. I have been in two compititions so far.

I am not that bad if you consider that I am the only teenager (teenager meaning between the ages of 13 - 20 years old) in my gym, the rest being grown ups.

My record isn't that bad either, if you consider the fact that I have only ever fought people 27 and older. Grown men that have fully developed their muscle structure and have stopped growing. Men that excercise frequently (I excercise about five times a week, depending on if I take Saturday off. To give you an idea, the gym has hour and a half lessons, and on Saturdays two hour lessons).

I am not super fit. I don't look like I belong in the "Douche-bag-I-build-muscle-and-take-steroids-because-I-like-looking-like-the-biggest-loser-with-all-the-time-in-the-world" classification. No.

I look pretty damn normal. Not overweight. Not Buff-Muscleson.

I have another fight this weekend. Saturday. (You may wish me luck. Or boo depending on who you support)

I am leaving for class in five minutes. Another hour and a half for struggling physically and mentally against a grown opponent.

I don't do this to be fit or loose weight (they are factors though).

I do this so I may stay healthy and prevent attacks, whether they are physical or metabolistical (ITS A DAMN WORD).

So what I guess I am trying to tell you is: Do a martial art.

It makes your mind sharper. You think quicker, more tactical.

It makes you healthy. You don't get sick that easy.

It makes you fit. You can swim without blushing and avoiding everyone's eyes (I seriously still struggle with this one. Weird....).

It doesn't matter if it is one class a week or ten classes a week. Research martial arts, look for gyms near you (dojo's for all you karate and judo nuts), and join up!

You won't regret it. And if you do, then find another style. Keep looking until you find something that works for you. And don't quit. It will be harder to start again, and it makes a bad self image. Tough it out, because it will be difficult for the first month or two. But the happiness or "enlightment" will come.

So go. Be a Valkyrie. Learn something. Get your butt kicked. Say something cocky. Get your butt kicked twice as hard. And then kick your opponent's butt (try not to count on Skulduggery saving you. How do I say this: He is scarce these days.)


If you bore through this doom and gloom ^, I applaud you.

If not, go soak your head.

But seriously. That stuff is from the heart.

Or the Rear Necked Choke. Not sure.


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  1. Ya know, I'm taking a martial arts class here in Korea! Cool huh? I'm so bad though!
    *feels the need to say I only just started a few days ago*
    We have it everyday, but I take a break sometimes. So hard! Even now, my muscles ache.

    Yeah, so that's all I wanted to say. Cool Vlaedr!