Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Hahha, I love this vid. It is amazing. Especially if you are a Tolkien-ite like me.

Check it out:

Anywho, I must say, I absolutely have no tolerance for this... THING that has been annoying me for months now.

I HATE it. Almost as much as I hate VAMPIRES.

If I could find the person who invented this useless piece of crap, I would should them in the face.

With a fireball.

Followed by a few kicks. ALSO in the face.

What is this THING I am talking about, dear reader?

What vexes me so?


I am serious.

There is nothing on earth that has less use.

Screw blocking spam-robots. I HATE that thing.

"Type in: (KD kdjkslj ^&%&%*&^%& KLSLKFJALJ kjdlkjdl agdghssgd) to prove you are not a robot!"

I type it in.

"We are sorry. The junk we gave you to type is wrong. Please type in: (lkaodgagsdufgauygduf AYUDSTGFUAGAIDHGFYAIUYG *%&$^$)(&%&^%) to prove you are not a robot."


There are now two bullets in my screen! Does that prove I am not a robot?!


That has been bothering me for a while now. Had to get that off of my chest.

Ok, here is Chapter Three.


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Not that I don't love you all.

Ok, here is the Chapter.

Chapter Three: Bring me to life.....


When my eyes opened again, I was lying in front of a fire. This one seemed to have been made recently. I don’t know why I thought that. Maybe it was because it was burning on wood, not chunks of super-heated material.

I blinked away ash from my eyelashes. Nothing made sense anymore. Everything had become dust in front of my eyes. Ash in the wind.

I held down the sobs that wanted to break out. With a cough, I started struggling to sit up.

I unexpectedly let out a small mewl of pain, jumping at the sound. After a moment or two I started laughing. It was a hysterical laugh, the ridiculousness of the moment somehow funny to me.

I heard the whisper of movement in front of me. In an instant I was rolling backwards, hands up to ward off any attacks, heart pounding like artillery guns. Every pain that I had disappeared in that moment.

A boy was sitting on the other side of the fire, calmly looking into the flames. His knees were drawn up, his arms folded around them. He glanced at me before turning his gaze back to the writhing flames.

After a few minutes my heart calmed down again, but my fear remained, a cold presence in my centre. Eventually I lowered my arms, noting how sore they were from staying in that position for so long. I crept back to the fire, my primal instincts alert and buzzing.

It seemed the longer I stayed in this nightmare, the more I was turning into an animal.

We sat there for a while, before he started speaking in a low, soft voice.  “You were out for a day or two. It’s hard to tell in these conditions...”

I looked up at him, taking a moment to remember how to speak. When I did, I tasted blood, my throat still raw from the other night...

“I.. Where was... I?” I cleared throat painfully.

He nodded off to the side. I looked where he had indicated, seeing the familiar wall and chunk of car. There was something new though, a lump of charred material and metal. Once again, I tried to remember why that looked familiar, but nothing came to mind.

“Soldier...”  He said without any emotion. “They came as soon most of the fires had died down.”

Soldier. SOLDIER. I kept repeating the word, but all that came to me was its echoes in my empty mind.

After a few more minutes of silence, I attempted to speak again. “Who... are you?”

He laughed bitterly. “Who am I? What does it matter. What does anything matter anymore? Hell somehow crawled unto Earth. And we are probably all that is left...”

I thought about that. In many ways, what he said was true. Hell did seem to have taken over Earth. And there was no one else out there.

“Shade. Call me Shade. If we are going to survive in this aftermath, we might as well have new names.” He looked at me straight in the eye. “So what is yours?

It took a moment or two for me to register the question.

“Mine?” I asked confused.

“Name.” He prompted. “You brought it up.”

I sunk back into my thoughts,  surrounding myself in what had happened the last few days.

Fire seemed to have taken control of my life, ruling over my every move. Everywhere I turned, everywhere I went, there it was. Flickering. Burning. Sending out sparks. My life has become defined by flames.

It seemed that my identity was now dependant on it.

“Ignis. Its means fire in Latin.”

Shade smiled, with a hint of irony in his expression. “All right, Ignis. It is the end of the world, why not go crazy?”

But then his expression turned hard. “Me and you are going to have to look after each other. Our lives don’t mean much right now, but that doesn’t mean I want to die. You are going to have to wake up, snap out of that stupor you are in. Okay?”

I felt my own face hardening. “Don’t worry. I’m coming back to life. Slowly, but I am getting there.”

“Good.” He nodded, and we went back to staring at the swirling flames until late that night.

Well? Well?!

Isn't getting good?

I love it.

Need critisism though.

AND MY VUVEZELA!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Lord of the rings!!! Wohooo! Can't wait for the Hobbit. And this video was hilarious! ;)

    And CAPTCHA... If it was a human it should run very fast...! Because I'd kill it in the most terrible way!

    The story's stil amazing and I really like the way you describe the feeling and that he isn't alone any more, that he has someone who can explain things to him.
    Critisism... let me think...
    I think he trusted this other guy to fast, he just saw his family and everyone else die and he has no idea why, I think if that'd happen to me I'd be very careful with trusting someone I don't know.
    Keep writing, I want to know what happens next! :)

    (Bloody captcha, stop annoying me, I typed it in right!! :@ )

  2. Thanks for the critisism!

    Wait. MY BLOG HAS CAPTCHA????????!!!!!!!!

  3. Yes it does which is the reason why I can only comment while I'm on my laptop...
    CAPTCHA it doesn't matter how fast you run I'LL GET YOU!!!

  4. Yeah, just...gonna ignore that video.

    CAPTCHA. Hate it. Your blog has it though, just so you know...

    This chapter was brilliant. The description is really coming along now and I'm interested as to where this is going...
    I'd recommend describing Shade in a bit more detail in this chapter, but who am I to judge? I'm loving that we still know nothing about Ignis yet.


  5. You hate the word vertication, but it's on this blog? Uh...

    I like how finally there's human contact, and how quickly a person can change when confronted with something like that