Saturday, 15 September 2012

Room Renovation...

So, today was one of those days that one strangely looks foreward to, and at the same time dread.

The day you sort out your room, throw away junk, and move stuff around for a new look.

I have planned this for a week now. I woke up, looked around, and started moving furniture like a mad man.

It still doesn't look any better than it did this morning.

Hopefully, 2 o' clock tomorrow morning things will look better.

Anyway, I must thank all you people who take the time to read and comment on my blog.

You are all special indeed.

Every comment helps me in one way or another. And you do me great honour in commenting.

So be my advertising agents (with a please), and recommend my blog to others. But they must comment!


You all seemed to like "The Silence", which is this story's name. Here is the second chapter. Don't choke.

Chapter Two: No more sorrow....


Leaves, trees, bushes, saplings; they all blurred as I ran through the woods. I could still feel the flames enveloping me, still see the their glow lighting up my surroundings.

And my flesh was still untouched.

My vision was non-existent as I ran, dark shapes and the red glow all I could pick through my tears of frustration and grief. All I heard was my loud breathing and stuttering cries.

I ran into a tree and bounced off, coughing blood. But then I was up again, leaving a patch of leaves burning. And the world blurred again.

I don’t know how long I ran. Or how far. But when I came-to, it was daylight and I was curled up in long grasses.

I blinked away leaves, rubbing my soot-covered hands over my eyes and shivering at the gritty sensation.

My clothes were singed and blackened, and I was strangely warm, but I could not find burn marks anywhere on my skin. I rolled over, getting to feet with a moan. My body and legs where bruised from falling and running over and over again.

I realized I must have run through the whole night.

I took my surroundings in, still stretching and trying to loosen my tired muscles. I was in a marsh-field, in a clearing of trees. Over the trees, in the distance, I saw tall pillars of smoke rising.

Everywhere I looked I saw similar ones. Some were nearer, others further. All thick and dark.

Images of last night were seared into my eyes. Every time I blinked, they would appear. Roasted flesh. Burning wood. Splintered debris.

I choked up and coughed. No. I had to block the pain. The pain was slowly killing me. Ignore the pain. Just keep going. Leave this place.

Not once did it cross my mind to go back. Not once did I think to try and find out what was going on. I was just too tired. Too crushed. Too dazed.

The afternoon found me near civilization. Through the trees I saw the shapes of houses. Or what used to be houses. These were also crushed. Wrecked.

Something within me woke up. I felt as if it would be a very bad idea to go near the wrecks. An insistent voice kept saying “NO.” First softly but growing in volume.

I tried to listen to it. To find its source. But I was still struggling to link coherent thoughts together. My hands were burning and my face felt hot. But I didn’t care.

I fell to my knees and started moving slowly closer. I thought nothing, felt nothing. Just the same voice, over and over again.

No. No. No. NO. NO. NO. NO! NO! NO!

Louder and louder, closer and closer.

I crawled up next to a wall, leaning against a chunk of what used to be a car. It had struck the wall at a 90 degree angle with great violence.

 And I just lay there, as quiet as I could, listening for sounds beside the voice.

A crunch woke me up. It was dark. A pale moon was in the sky.

I calmed my breathing and listened carefully.

Another crunch.

I tried to figure out what that crunch meant. I tried to piece together some sense into the picture.


Like an animal, I cowered in the corner, wishing away whatever it was.

A tall shape appeared, walking through the ruins with a what looked like a pipe in his hands. The shape was completely black, various buckles and pockets being picked up in the pale light. He clutched the pipe-thing with both hands, pointing it forward and sweeping it back and forth like a weapon.

I stayed still, trying to figure out why this figure looked familiar.


My heart rate picked up, and my hands started burning again. I tried to calm it, but it didn’t work. The shape seemed to have sensed something, and turned his head slightly in my direction.

Just like my mom always did. The thought burst into my mind with violence. Immediately I remembered last night, the fire, the howls, the deaths....

My hands burned fiercely but I didn’t care. With the memories came thoughts and with the thoughts came emotions.

A massive cry roared out of me, wrapping around the shape. My vision filled with flickering light, and I couldn’t tell if it was memories or real. Everything, emotions and memories and reality, all accelerated and exploded into a great cauldron of confusion.

And then, for the first time, there was peace.

And wasn't that just so much fun? I love writing stuff like this.

I know this is far from perfect, but I prefer to keep a mistake or two in the writing. Makes me work harder to top everything I have done.

Work it harder, make it better...

That type of jazz.

Comment your hearts out.


  1. Wow, this is cool! And disturbing- but in a good way! :)
    I like the way you discribe the pain but how is it possible to run through a whole night?
    And why are just the others hurt??
    Keep writing, I wanna know it!! ;)

  2. S'good. I can already tell he/she has fire powers :D

  3. Haha Valice, I have to keep some things a mystery, no? And you would be surprised to what you can do if you just saw your family and neighbors... die?

    No, Raechel! GASP! You forgot to put SPOILER ALERT! ;)

  4. But tell me at least one thing: Boy or Girl?? ;D

  5. I havent made it obvious? Hmm... Nope. Sorry guys. It is a he. Girls are a tad complicated for me to write. Yet.

  6. Ah, okay. My vote was invalid.

    I think you captured his emotions really well. Well done. :)

  7. That was really good! I loved the confusion and how it was really unclear of what was going on, even if it was unintentional. It added to the chapter a lot.

    Good work.

    Ah, Linkin Park. Minutes to Midnight was the only album of theirs I liked.

  8. Those little descriptions, of the surroundings and the character's feelings, make it all the more better