Sunday, 11 November 2012


Can you read that?

Its inspiration *FYI*

Why that twisted rendition of a word for a title?


Hmm... I might be losing track of where I was going with this post...


Right! I remember now.

My good friend and inshpiring (you know what!) blogger has a blog. Obviously. Else she wouldn't be on Blogger.

Her posts are quite amusing, and she posts quite frequently (more than can be said for certain bloggers with fur...).

Also, she inshpires me. She is busy with her own novel (AND I AM SERIOUSLY LOOKING FORWARD TO ITS RELEASE), called Soulless, following a Soul-Wraith named Rook.

Its bloody genius. Everytime I read a tidbit of it that she posted, I get inshpired to write pages and pages.

Her name is Raechel Hudson. Here is her blog's url:

See Raechel! I told you I would advertise your blog! (Actually, come to think of it, I may not have... Oh well. At least it will be a pleasant surprise!)

Rapidly moving on to other things, I must say, you people surprise me.

Guess what the view count is? Go on, guess. GUESS.



WOW. I mean. WOW.

68 views in roughly a week? Your kindness is touching... Thank you ^.^

(Revel in the little face. For it is the only time you will ever see a face in one of my posts...)

And now for the moment you have all been waiting for.

I give you... (checking blog posts... *FYI*) Chapter Seven!

Hahaha, I have to write faster. You guys are catching up....

Now, a minor note before I give it to you. First the font was too small. Now its too big. DAMNIT WHAT DO I DO.

So, I give you a chance. Vote 1 for normal font. Vote 2 for big font.

(I am so sorry I can't find a smaller one than that. For some reason, Blogger wants me to choose between Ridiculous-Large and Freakin-Smallish-Normal)


Here is the Chapter:

Chapter Seven: When We Stand Together...

It took determination. And a lot of bloody patience.

We sat there, calmly. Or at least we were trying to sit calmly. I didn’t even have to touch Shade to feel him shaking with fear and adrenaline. And I wasn’t sitting that still either.

It took the figure about two minutes to reach us. I guess it had been farther than we had thought. 

By the time it was within twenty metres, every muscle in our bodies was tense, clenching so hard that our spasms were having spasms.

We were hearing its footsteps now, as it slowed down, seeming to acknowledge our presence. A few moments later  it stopped all together.

The dread was filling me again, my eyesight becoming shaky. My heart was galloping, my hands getting that hot sensation...

Shade inconspicuously moved his hand towards me, splaying all his fingers.

Then four.




Halfway in our stand-up/turn around move, a female voice rang out.

“Freeze! Move again and both of you die!” Both of us stopped awkwardly in mid-movement. Her voice was backed with iron.

There was silence again, as she seemed to wait for our next move. When none was forth-coming, she spoke again.

“Now slowly stand up. Don’t turn around, don’t talk.”

Like smart little lemmings, we stood up, glancing at each other every few seconds. It seemed that both of us were waiting for the other to do something.

There was the sound of slow, deliberate footsteps. I twitched as I felt her breathe on my neck. Damn my super-senses. Its creepy being able to sense this much.

After a few moments of silent inspection, she slowly retreated.

“Ok, you guys seem fine.” She was speaking more kindly now, with a quieter tone. “You can turn around now. Just don’t make any quick moves. Can’t hurt to be safe.”

After a moment’s hesitation and a shared look, Shade and I turned around. Standing in a half crouch, a large, dangerous gun in her hands, was a young woman that looked older than both of us. With short, matted hair and dressed in camo pants with a tank top, you would understand why she struck both fear and something else into our hearts that day.

With us still staring at her, she smiled and stood straight, pointing the weapon down.

“Another survivor...” I muttered.

It hit us all at that moment: now there were three of us, which meant there were probably more.

Shade stepped forward and pointed towards me. “This is Ignis. I’m Shade.”

She smirked slightly. “I am Calin.” Her voice had a slight accent, which matched her tanned complexion. 

“You guys like crazy names, or what?”

Shade laughed awkwardly and looked away. I am dead sure he was blushing.

“First things first...” I said, trying to direct the conversation back to a more practical topic. “Do you have a camp set up? Or any form of a protective location?”

She looked at me, her eyes hardening again as reality set in. “No. After that night, I just grabbed what I could and kept moving.”

That night. We all referred to it as that night. Not “that night where all hell broke” loose or “that night when our lives became a nightmare”. Just that night.

I sighed. Two was good for surviving. But three would be a crowd.

Calin seemed to read my sigh, and scowled. “I wasn’t asking to join up with your little group, you know.”

Shade snapped out of his zone and protested. “Ig, we can’t survive alone. With another person, we have a decent chance of protecting ourselves instead of just running away.”

I turned to him, anger sparking in my mind. “I remember you running away most of the time.” I gave a pointed look.

His face hardened. “That may be true, but you know that if we want to live longer, we need every ally we can get.” He turned to her. “Please join up with us. You may have survived this long on your own, but soon you will meet enemies that no man can defeat by themselves.”

She was still scowling, but seemed to think about it. “What you say makes sense. But your friend is right. 
Three will attract a lot more attention than one or two.”

Now it was my turn to scowl and look away. Shade was right. I was just being a moron. “No. Shade is right. If you join with us we will just have to be extra careful.”

Swallowing my words was harder than I had thought.

Calin looked at me, seemingly surprised that I had changed my mind. I avoided her eyes.

She thought a bit more, before replying. “I will stick with you boys a bit longer. But don’t be surprised if you just find my tracks the next day.”

I nodded. “Fair enough.”

And without a backward glance, I walked away, looking for shelter. This whole situation gave me sour taste in my mouth. Once again, I have to get used to another person.

One more person to protect.

One more person to trust.

YAY! Someone new! (No Nix, I have been planning this for a while, even before you mentioned that in one of your comments.)

Now, I know they started trusting her a bit too fast. But come on. They had just watched a massacre. Fought off demonic creatures. ROARED IN THE FACE OF DANGER.

They are obviously still a tad fragile. So give 'em (and me) a break. (be gentle..)

So I hope you enjoyed! Comment!


  1. Riiiiight, you've been planing this

    Get writing, why aren't you writing now? More!


      ...well, ok. (I have totally planned this for weeks now...)

      I am writing. Whether its any good or not, well.....

  2. So I vote 1 for normal Font. The small one is okay, the bog one is just weird..!
    And the chapter is very good. Yes, they trusted her very fast but she seemed nice so I don't have problem with it. :D

  3. I VOTE FOR 1! Freakin'-Smallish-Normal!

    Yay, a new person!
    Excellent, get writing more.

    Nickelback, I think?

  4. I caught up! I read all the posts and now I'll comment on the latest one.

    Sorry, I haven't been reading people's blogs in the past few months. Anyway, about the post:

    Really like it! The Silence is really interesting and I like that you put another character in it. :) and if my vote counts, I vote for small font too.

    Hopefully I can keep up with the posts now!