Sunday, 4 November 2012

YAY!!!! Views!!!!

Yes boys and girls, you have made me happy.


(Okay, that sounded weird. I'm going to forget I typed that...)

Six-hundred and Sixteen views!!!!


Now, to some of you, this may not be much. My words to you: I DON'T EVEN.

There. Satisfied? I leave you with my newest saying. It is vague. It is mysterious. It slightly doesn't make sense.

But its awesome.

Anywho, thank you guys for reading my blog. Its an amazing feeling that you guys are reading this. As in ACTUALLY reading this.

I mean, I started this blog late March-ish. And look where I am now. I have 15 followers and over 600 views (SHUT UP. I COUNT AS A FOLLOWER. READ THE RULES)

Funny fact: Germany wins the Most-Page-View award. 209 views.

WOW. I mean. WOW.

Valice, have you been stalking my blog? Nicole, what about you? Luna?

Hmm... Probably also invisible people. Those that don't comment, but just read everything I write...

Creepy, now that I think about it. (Is that a face in the window??!!)

But on a serious note, thanks guys. You have no idea how happy this makes me. You guys get a smile! :D A big, demented one!

Three, quick things:

  • Zath, thanks for reading every single The Silence post. (I know all.. SEE all..) And a big thanks for the comments. Lol, I know you are busy, so I appreciate it.
  • By popular consent (damn you democracy), I am making the font for the chapters bigger (damn all of you... I loved that font!)
  • I love each and every one of you. You guys are just pure awesome for commenting and reading my blog (ugh, why am I getting sappy...) SO THANK YOU PEOPLE!
  • IM BATMAN...

(Yes, I know that was four things. Live with it. After all, there are three types of people in this world: Those that can count, and those that can't....)

Now. To the good stuff!!!! The last Chapter was very well received  so I hope this one won't be a disappointment. After all, you can't have fighting in EVERY bloody scene...


Chapter Six: Shadow Of The Day...

I sat up, rubbing my head furiously. It felt as if my head was cracking open. I just sat there, hunched over, holding my head for a few minutes. This is what I imagine a hangover must feel. But my head was clear. And sharp. It felt as if finally had all my wits back.

Albeit with a massive migraine.

Sitting there, battling pain, I felt a small vibration in the ground. As if something or someone was walking nearby. Which was definitely a first. My senses have never been that razor sharp.

Then I felt it again, followed by a cough.

I spun around, eyes wide and searching.

Nothing.I frowned.

Then a voice spoke. “Ignis...”

My heart beat quickened, sweat breaking out along my spine. I had seen many creepy and downright scary stuff. But this was different. Weird. Unnatural.

“Ignis...” Again the voice spoke. I stood up slowly. That voice sounded familiar.

“Ignis, here...” I saw a patch of ground that was strangely darker than the rest. I squinted, stepping closer.

Then I saw him.

It was as if my eyes opened for the first time.

I stepped back in shock, Shade seeming to materialise out of the ruin’s shadows. He had a desperate look on his face, fear etched into every line and smudge of dirt on his face. He had a gaunt look, as if haunted by terrible demons, his eyes unnaturally still.

But that wasn’t the half of it.

His legs seemed black, darker than the rest of him. On closer inspection, you could see everything behind his legs, from the dust to the smallest rocks. It was as if his legs were made out of a smoky, slightly transparent material, but still very much physical. As if his body was Shadow itself.

It also appeared in his hair, and again on his finger tips, their dark tips seeming to disappear naturally into the dim recesses of the building’s exterior. Every where the “shadow” met skin, dark swirls and cracks were visible, the darkness clearly spreading.

I just stood there staring at him, still trying to figure out exactly what I was seeing.

He just sighed and walked into the morning’s light, his dark parts growing more transparent. But they didn’t go away. They were still shadows; a void, a place where no light reached or passed through. He sat down hard, all will to live seeming to have left him.

I have never been good in emotional boosting. It was not my strong point. But this was ever so slightly different. The chances of one person surviving alone? Not big. The chances of two people surviving together? Much better. It had to do something.

I sat next to him. We didn’t look at each other, both of us obviously not knowing what to say.  With a cough, he started talking.

“I saw you, you know. That first night. How you crawled up to the car, the soldier on his patrol marching past you.”

I looked up at him, stunned. He was right. That thing had been a soldier. My stomach dropped as I realized something else. Shade nodded, obviously having sensed my conclusion. Maybe his senses had also sharpened.

“You did it. Incinerated him. Ashified him.” He laughed with dark humour. “ When saw what you were capable of... I just knew I had to stick with you, no matter how messed you were.”

He shook his head in disgust. “I had figured that it might also happen to me. That this weird sh*t could also affect me. But I didn’t expect this...”

I cleared my throat, his words still spinning in my mind. You did it.. YOU did it...”Look. You can’t give up. You can’t just sit here, crushed beyond repair. We can still maybe escape this. Every prison has an escape route. We just need to find this one’s.”

I swallowed, hoping my words might make an impact, or at least snap him out of whatever he was going through.

He looked at me forlornly. “Last night. When you looked at me like that? I knew why. That’s when it started. One moment I could see my feet, the next the tips of my shoe were gone, darkness slowly crawling up my legs. The funny thing is, everything works fine. But all sensations are... muted.”

 He looked back down again, staring at the ethereal shadows slowly spreading across his lower body. “Except the cold...”

Now it was my turn to laugh bitterly. “At least you had some sort of mental preparation. I think this... whatever, started with me the night all this happened.”
I waved my hands around, indicating to the ruin around us. Images trickled into my mind; dark woods, the fiery glow around me, the creatures...

He didn’t look up this time. “If you say so....”

I looked around us, remembering that we weren’t alone in this area. Some ways off, I saw a humanoid shape moving our way. Fast.

I didn’t say anything. I just lightly tapped Shade, glancing in the object’s direction.

I felt him turn slightly in that direction and stiffen. And then I felt what I was hoping for: the clench of a fist. I clenched my own. This time we weren’t going to be caught by surprise again.

And we weren’t going down easily.

Wow, the text is HUGE.

Please beg me to make it smaller!


And don't worry, I am writing my last exam this week, so no more huge gaps in between posts. It will go back to the ol' every weekend posting schedule.


I must say. I am worried how the next Chapter will be received by you guys...

Ah well, we will have to wait and see.


  1. I am one of the creepy ones who don't comment, cuz I forget.
    As for the font size, and my begging... um... uh... THANK YOU!

  2. I love Shade.
    I love this moment with him. It's great. You're such an amazing writer.

  3. I like the powers that are confusing. I just hope more people turn up. Dunno why, I just do. But please, for the love of the Bun of Rocky, do not mould anything on what I say. It makes me feel horrible

    Moar. Moar. MOAR. MOAR

  4. I love this. The way you've made some things so very vague and others really sharp is very interesting. Shade and Ignis are awesome.

    Another Linkin Park song. Brilliant.


    Good luck on your last exam and I'll be waiting for more!

  5. Thrusty: You creeper... We talked about this. :P Aawww. Your words warm my large, beating heart. And no, that is not weird at all. Even us animals have emotions and hearts.

    Nix: You have literally just commented on 6 of my posts. I know okay, don't even get me started... THANK YOU! Its awesome knowing you read them and had the decency to comment (cough, stalkers, cough). First off, I was planning to do "let's plays", don't know why I said "reviews"... Secondly, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO KILL CAPTCHA. Thirdly, thank you for finally finding the time to read this, and that you like it. :D <--- you get the demented smile....

    Zath: Thank you, my good man. Also glad you recognize the music :D And for AUHNORFSE. Maybe I will change it back... I'll be honest, this size is just silly. :( But the population, alas, still holds my ear... (damn you population)

  6. I'm not a stalker... I just check your blog for new posts every time I'm on my laptop, which is almost every day (okay, some people might say that is stalking but hey- I'm not BATMAN! ;D).

    Oh, and I agree with you Zath, this font size is MUCH TOO BIG! Please change it back!

    The chapter was amazing, I really love it. There can't be fighting in every scene but there is no need for a fight in every scene if it's written interesting! And you did this really good! :)

    And about the CAPTCHA: You could ask Derek about it, his blg has no CAPTCHA... Maybe he can help you!